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Everyone has the right to free speech, and sometimes that speech can become disruptive to your plans. As event planners, we have seen our share of protests. In light of recent events, we wanted to offer our advice on how to maintain safety at during events with protesters.

Create Space:

When protestors show up, the first instinct is to try to remove them. However, these efforts embolden people and can quickly escalate the situation. Best practice is to section off an area specifically for protestors ahead of time.  Creating a space that allows for peaceful protests is always better than leaving it to chance. This will then allow you to factor it into the flow of your event, schedule security, and ensure safety regulations are met.

Establish Communication:

Rehearse with your staff, security, and other volunteers how to respond to protestors. This practice will keep the messaging consistent and calm through the entire event. The response should be polite and thank them for caring about the issue. In some cases it may be prudent to assign representatives to answer questions and make official statements. Be sure everyone involved know who the representatives are and how to contact them.

Research Opposition:

Check Google and social media to find out what people are saying. This is a great way to gauge how much resistance there may be. Frequently, the most vocal opposition will call or email directly. If that happens, let your team know so they can be prepared.

Outline Expectations:

Communicate to your team the difficulties that  a protest can create. Knowing what to expect and having a clear plan will help maintain a calm environment and allow for any problems to be dealt with quickly. Research the laws and ordinances of your area regarding protesting and mass gatherings. Establish when police enforcement becomes necessary and decide who will make that call.

Be Prepared:

You can take every precaution and still have interruptions. When that happens there are three steps to take.


Stay Safe:

Remember that a successful event is the goal, but safety is the top priority. Never ever touch a protester. Not only could that cause legal issues, but it can create tremendous safety issues. In the event of an altercation, let the professionals handle it. Regardless of whether that is local law enforcement or hired security. Events can be rescheduled but people cannot be replaced.

Even as professionals it is impossible to guarantee everything will go perfectly. However, using these tools makes it easier. An example of this in action was at the Governor’s Climate Summit a few years ago. There was a panel on stage answering questions from the crowd. Suddenly, an alarm went off and it was the sound of chickens clucking…loudly. That must have been a signal of some kind because before the clucking stopped several people rushed the stage. They were all yelling, shouting, and holding banners. Our head AV technician cut the microphones and the stage lights, he then came over the microphone and politely thanked them for coming to the summit. All of the protesters were then quickly escorted out by security. The stage lights then came back on and the summit continued as planned.

We were able to resolve this quickly because we were prepared. Planning for protesters allowed the trained technicians and the security to react immediately. The panel knew not to try to argue with the protesters, and everyone stayed calm. As a result, the experience was disruptive but was resolved in a calm and professional manner. The hope is that by sharing these tools we are able to help you maintain peace in a potentially high stress situation.

Whether your student is picking up a diploma or finishing their master’s degree, this is a time to celebrate. Graduation is no easy feat, and your graduate deserves recognition for the hard work it took to reach this milestone.

Coming up with a unique party idea for your grad can be a challenge, especially as the median age changes and attendance size varies. But we’ve got a few suggestions that will help your graduation party run without a hitch and make your graduate feel like the most special student in their class.

High School Graduation Party

In The Event™ | Graduation PartyHigh school graduation celebrations are full of energy and excitement. Aspirations run high as new adults decide what their next step in life will be. You will want your high school graduation party ideas to be personal, fun, and inspiring.

To personalize the event, use the grad’s school colors for decorating ideas to set a theme for the celebration. Use the colors to pick out tablecloths, garland, and even create a couple of themed “mocktails” for the graduates to sip on. This will promote the graduates’ school pride and help to share the experience with everyone in attendance.

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Commemorate the event with a photo booth where guests can take pictures with the grad in their cap and gown. The graduate will feel like a superstar and the photos make a sweet and simple gift for the guests to take home. Use a Polaroid camera so the images can be savored immediately and provide a few props for the grad and their friends to get silly.

white-boardHigh school graduates are entering an important period of life involving change, challenges, and triumphs. Invite attendees to share their wisdom with the guest of honor through a congratulations board. Hand out markers for guests to write notes of encouragement and advice on this special board decorated with school colors, mementos, and a favorite photo. When the board is done, present it to the graduate as a unique, heartfelt gift.

College Graduation Party for Your Undergraduate 

The next big landmark after high school graduation is finishing college. Completing an undergraduate degree is an event that should be celebrated with the perfect mix of fun and sophistication. Since the average age of your guests has risen, including a bar with a specialty drink honoring the graduate is a creative way to celebrate the grad with a bit of class.

guitar_centerpieceA college graduation party should truly celebrate the person your grad has become over the last few years. Luckily we have experience on planning the the best college graduation parties. Use personalized centerpieces to demonstrate passions and accomplishments of the guest of honor. Whether your grad was a star on the football team, an aspiring artist, or passionate about biology, you can create special centerpieces that are fun to look at and also make great gifts for the grad or family to take home.

To spice up your event, choose a theme that will mean something. Honor their time in school with a college themed party, modeled after “Animal House” or “Accepted,” or celebrate their job offer with a party centered on their relocation. Whatever you choose, a theme not only makes the party unforgettable, it can help direct you with decorations, activities, and food, making party planning easier than ever!

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Graduate School Soiree

To celebrate receiving your master’s degree or that of your friend or family member, throw and intimate and sophisticated soiree designed for plenty of conversation. Bar stools and tables are perfect for creating a classy, conversational atmosphere that allows your guests to mingle comfortably.

Urban BarWhen planning the celebration, think about the food. Your guests will appreciate the carefully chosen appetizers and dishes you present, so take the time to find a great caterer that can impress attendees. Food served in courses will also allow for plenty of conversation and give the guests something to rave about to break the ice.

Elevate the caliber of your commemoration with atmospheric lighting. If you’re entertaining outside, use strands of lights or battery powered candles to create an inviting mood without worrying about fire and wind. If you’re hosting inside, use candles and lamps instead of bright overhead lights. Create lanterns with battery powered candles and brown paper bags to light the way to your event with style.

Graduations are an important time in one’s life. It marks accomplishments while celebrating the future, a time for humble gratefulness and excited anxiety. Let your graduate know how special their accomplishments and goals are with a personalized celebration, and let In the Event help. We have everything you need from furniture rentals, to decoration advice and signage. In the Event makes it easy to stop stressing the details and focus on congratulating the graduate.

Pro tip: Is it graduation time, and you don’t know where to start? Luckily with our experience in the event industry, we can help you plan your event and/or find the perfect decor for your next graduate!

When it comes to your event budget, it’s important to find a balance between creating fun opportunities for guests and finding ways to save money. Going to either extreme can mean either blowing your budget or being stuck with an event that isn’t living up to its full potential. Here are some of our favorite tips from the event management team at In The Event™ for finding that perfect balance!

Pro Tip: Read more about how hiring an event planner can actually save you money!

Identify Event GoalsIn The Event™ | Event Budget

Knowing where to put your money will always start with a conversation about your event goals. Are you there to simply have a good time? Boost morale? Push a marketing agenda? When you know what attendees need to leave your event with, whether it’s a smile on their face or a potential lead, creating a balanced event budget will always be easier. If you’re looking to have a good time, it’s time to prioritize items like activities and prizes, whereas other events may need investment in a good speaker or training manuals rather than the catering or swag bags.

Stay Grounded

Receiving a budget to plan an event is always an exciting step towards hosting your dream experience. It’s important, however, to not get carried away! Basic costs can add up fast, so start with a solid foundation and proceed with a healthy dose of realistic expectations. Your experience can be great with any size of event budget and making sure you’re being realistic will create a sense of purpose and control around what you do end up having at your event.

Have Big IdeasIn The Event™ | Event Budget

Even though it’s important to be realistic with the funds you have available for your next event, it’s equally important to avoid bolstering your basics without thinking outside of the box. Making cuts where you can in your event budget to accommodate a memorable entertainer or engaging activity will be more valuable to the experience as a whole

There isn’t a perfect formula for your event budget, but keeping these things in mind will help you create an experience your attendees won’t forget! Still worried about finding the right balance? Our event planners have plenty of experience creating events of all sizes on any budget! Click here to see all the ways you can contact one of our certified event planners!

Every season has pros and cons when it comes to planning events, and the winter months are no exception. From cooler temperatures to dangerous weather conditions, planning a winter event can be a challenge for any event planner. Thankfully, winter events also have the potential to stand out as some of the most engaging and memorable events of the year. From finding ways to accommodate guests outside to creating cozy interiors, winter events unleash the best of an event planner’s creativity. After working through a few of our infamous Utah winters, we’ve accumulated some foolproof tips to upgrading your next winter event.

Go Wireless

In The Event™ | Upgrade Your Winter EventWhether you’re cozying up by the fire or heating an outdoor space, winter is often has a higher risk for fire hazards. Don’t let your lighting options be on the list of ways your event could be ruined by a tipsy guest or a younger attendee. Having wireless lighting gives you all the benefits of professional lighting design without the hassle or risk of wires everywhere. Especially during the winter months, where lighting is one of the most important aspects of your event. Experience the freedom of planning an event outdoors without having to run wires inside, or spending time in the cold trying to find outlets or power sources. 

Pro tip: Learn more about why you should at your next event.

Go Outside

Don’t be afraid to venture outside the ski lodge for your next event. Incorporating the outdoors into your next winter event is sure to get attendees excited and engaged. From heated to outdoor activities, there are plenty of options to make the most of the cold and snow. One of our favorite models of venturing outside is the Outdoor Retailers ! From the convention space to the mountains, each brand adheres to the ‘tried and tested’ approach and makes sure that buyers are making the most of the outdoors and their equipment. Not only does it make for a good time, but attendees are simultaneously exposed to all of the equipment in action, bringing more power to the investment the brand made in the event. 

Keep an eye out on to see some of our upcoming posts from some awesome winter events!

Go Above & BeyondIn The Event™ | Instantly Upgrade Your Winter Event

With a number of events held at the ski resorts and lodges this winter, your event needs to go above and beyond to stand out. Incorporating LED furniture and lighting into your lodge, or adding antique furniture and memorabilia to your decor will go a long way. Going the extra mile for your winter event is essential to creating an event that won’t be forgotten. Though each season does seem limited by trending designs, winter events are especially vulnerable to falling into the mold, due to environmental restrictions. Make sure your event takes the lead and spend the time to enhance your decor with unique rentals and design!

Want to complete the look of your winter retreat? Check out these !


Looking to upgrade your winter event, but don’t know where to start? Put yourself in good hands with the team at In The Event™. Born and raised in the best snow on earth, we know what it takes to host a winter event attendees aren’t likely to forget.

Putting on a corporate event is a huge undertaking, and just because the office manager throws a great company potluck doesn’t mean he’s the best person to plan an important event. Even “complimentary” event services that are available when you book certain venues can fall short when it comes to delivering the type of service your event deserves.

To pull off a top-notch event that will have the industry buzzing you need to bring in the professionals. A corporate event production company will provide you with the type of expertise and service that will make your event stand out. If you’re on the fence about hiring an event coordinator, take a look at the customer service you can expect from a reputable corporate event production company.

Your Staff Remain Free to Do Their Jobs

One of the downsides of organizing a big event is having to take employees off their regular projects to help plan and execute. With a professional event production company your staff won’t miss a second of productivity working on the event. Keeping tasks on deadline will keep your customers happy while the production company takes care of all the event planning.


Nothing is more important to a corporate event production company than your event. Your needs receive top billing every day. If you choose to work with a part-time event planner from your venue you will just be one of many clients they’re juggling at the same time they take care of managing the actual event space. If you want your event to receive undivided attention there’s no better way than hiring a professional event company.


When you bring in the pros, they’ve already been there and done that. They know exactly what to do to make the vision you have for your event turn into a reality. Because they work with a variety of different organizations putting on various events throughout the year, top event production companies use their past successes and connections to deliver exactly what you want. Plus, if a problem does come up, they’ll know exactly how to address it and will be able to get things back on track quickly.


Whether you want a replica of the Vegas Strip or an interactive, ramified keynote address, a corporate event company will know the right people to get the job done. Years of experience producing events puts them in the perfect position to know who the best vendors are for everything from catering to hi-tech wizardry. They’ll also know who to steer clear of. You won’t risk getting bamboozled by a sub-par lighting tech.


Chances are you don’t have unlimited resources to make the event of the century happen. That’s where your event production team comes in. Because of their experience and connections, they’ll be able to stretch your budget without compromising the overall vision for your event. It’s their job to get you in on (or under) budget, and they know how to make it happen.


One of the best reasons a corporate event team is so much better at sticking to a budget is that they know how much things should cost and they have collective bargaining power because of how many events they produce each year. Even if your event is on the smaller side and there isn’t an existing relationship with the desired vendor you can still benefit from group-size deals because the event production company is doing the negotiating and they offer the promise of a long-term relationship and several more clients.

They Know What Not to Do

It’s just as important to know what pitfalls to avoid as it is to know the shortcuts to success. Corporate event production companies have been around the block a few times. They already know everything that can wrong with a chocolate fountain or scavenger hunt that involves 2,500 participants. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, let a pro take care of things for you and steer you clear of potential disasters.

You might be planning a company-wide retreat, an industry conference, or an anniversary celebration. Whatever the reason, your event deserves world-class service. Guarantee a happy ending—and avoid a lot of headaches—by taking advantage of the expertise of an experienced corporate event production company.

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Ask any professional event planner what their secret to creating a great event space is, and they’ll respond with three words: lighting, lighting, lighting. In the words of our local expert, lighting “sets the mood for the party. Something as simple as the color that walls are lit can change the atmosphere from calm and relaxed to super upbeat.” However, lighting is more than a string of lights on a wall, or tea lights in the centerpieces. Bringing a stunning event to life requires tying together innovative technology and work from a team of certified experts. From design to production, your next professional lighting team should always be ready to make your next event shine.


Step #1:  PlanIn The Event™ | Professional Lighting Design

A professional lighting team starts with your event planner. These days, anyone can buy expensive event lighting, but it takes a real pro to make sure that the beam is living up to its full potential. With years of event experience, your event planner will always know how to take your next venue and turn it into a unique event space that your attendees will never forget. From knowing where the outlets are, to what color to light up the stage, your professional event planner will be a great resource when creating your next event.


Pro tip: Go wireless with In The Event™! Learn more about why you should  at your next event.


Step #2:  Pack

Once you’ve designed your event, the next member of the lighting team is the warehouse staff! Your beautiful design for your event won’t mean a thing if you don’t have the professional equipment to back it up. Not only do you need that professional equipment, you need it looking its best for your event. With an inexperienced crew, you could risk having equipment showing up at your event that hasn’t been cleaned, charged, or was carelessly packed. Renting from a rental warehouse that is dedicated to flawless event rentals will make all the difference when the equipment is on show site. Making sure that you’re renting from a professional rental inventory is the key to any successful lighting setup.


about why you should be renting from a certified rental house instead of the garage. 


Step #3:  Produce

In The Event™ | Professional Lighting at The Depot

In The Event™ @ The Depot

You’ve got the design and the equipment; now it’s time to bring it all to life! Having event lighting staff on-site is a great way to guarantee your program goes off without a hitch. Lighting experts will also give you more freedom to create stunning displays. Professionally designed lighting setups will always look great, but having someone calling the shots on show site will let you run a programmed show of alternating lights, changing colors, designs, and more.




Are you ready to light up the night? with the professional lighting team at In The Event™! From design to production, you can count on us to create and experience you won’t forget.

In The Event™’s wireless LED lighting was our first and favorite claim to fame. In the world of modern events, it has become more important than ever, and not just because it looks beautiful in any event space. If you’re still wondering whether wireless is the right fit for your next event, here are four of our favorite things about wireless lighting to convince you.




In The Event™ | Wireless Lighting at EventsSafety should always be your top priority when planning any type of event. If not for venue-imposed restrictions, you should always keep an eye out for potential safety hazards at your events. With wireless lighting, you can set your mind at ease. No guests tripping over wires, exposed plugs, or blown circuits. There is so much else to think about during an event, don’t let simple lighting issues get in your way of hosting an amazing experience your guests aren’t likely to forget.


Pro tip: Want to know more about why safety should come first at your events? Click here to read more!


Freedom of Design


Event design is an artform, so don’t let the distance from an outlet hinder your creative spirit! Having wireless lighting as part of your event decor will always allow for more freedom to design your event exactly how you envisioned it. Lighting is especially tricky at events, as you always want to make sure you’ve got that perfect angle. With wireless options, you are free to highlight what you want, where you want, without worrying about outlets and cords in your event space.


Cost Effective


Looking to lower your cost for your next event? Wireless lighting is the perfect solution for any event budget. As mentioned before, being limited by outlet placement isn’t just taxing on your event design, but also on your labor costs. Instead of an easy setup, your event staff will have to put in the extra time and effort to accommodate all of those wires. You might also avoid high energy costs at your venue. Using rechargeable batteries instead of the venue’s power will give you more space in your budget for that extra dessert on the catering menu.


Pro tip: Looking for more tips to save on your next event? Check out our 5 Event Planning Tips To Save You Time, Money & Stress!




In The Event™ | Wireless Lighting

Going green at your next event has never been so easy. With wireless LED lighting, not only are you investing in equipment that is saving you from a large electric bill, you’re also avoiding negative impacts on the environment. With our rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy your next event knowing that you’ve done your part in keeping energy costs down, and old batteries out of the landfill.


Pro tip: Here are some of our favorite sustainability tips from BuzzFeed! 


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Events are the of the business world. Vendors and consumers want to make the right connection to solve their problems and your company wants to find the right vendors and consumers to take your business to the next level. Corporate events involve hundreds – or even thousands – of people selling, learning, buying, and networking – and every single one of them is in search of their perfect match. But let’s face it, events don’t last forever, and your business needs to know how to maximize that experience. An experienced event planner knows how to construct your event so that participant matchmaking takes center stage. Take a look at three things event matchmaking can do for your next major function.


Better Attendee Experience

Experience is the name of the game when it comes to what participants are looking for in an event. Your job is to create the type of experience that not only makes an impression, but garners results. Matchmaking tools help connect attendees with the people and activities that will benefit them the most. It also makes gamification and social media tie-ins easier than ever.

Pro tip: turn to the expertise of an event planner who knows how to integrate matchmaking strategies or check into an event matchmaking app.


Improved ROI for All

The one thing everyone wants from an event is a return on their investment – whether that investment is time or money. Everyone that participates in an event, from the attendees to the sponsors, to the presenters, makes an investment and they all want it to be worthwhile. When you structure your event around matchmaking principles, you exponentially increase the odds on how worthwhile that experience will be.

The basic matchmaking principles that help couples find true love can also help your clients and/or attendees make their next profitable business connection.In The Event™ | Event Matchmaking

With event matchmaking, gone are the days of  guessing who will be in which breakout session or hoping to bump into target clients or vendors in the buffet line. Through pre-arranged meetings, speed mentoring sessions, and detailed participant profiles, matchmaking turns a pretty good event into a must-go. When participants know they’ll be able to rub shoulders – or bend the ear – of prime targets, you might end up on a search for a larger venue to meet the line that is suddenly forming around the corner just to get into your next event.


Increased Engagement

In The Event™ | Event MatchmakingNo one wants to sit in a sea of uncomfortable chairs while some “expert” at the front of the room talks at them. A successful event is not a performance in front of a staid audience – it’s an interactive experience that expands the perceptions, possibilities, and passions of everyone involved. Matchmaking lets participants check each other out in advance, schedule meetings, re-arrange meetings, and even cancel meetings. Best of all, they can get all of this accomplished before the registration table even opens.


Successful attendee engagement means your event will deliver more meaningful connections and participants will walk away with increased learning and retention. No one leaves a conference fondly reflecting on the time they spent silently listening to one speaker after another while they watched the clock. The right tools can help you incorporate matchmaking principles even throughout traditional presentations.


Facilitate real-time interaction where attendees can electronically comment and ask questions as they occur, rather than waiting for the end. You can even let them request a one-on-one or sign up for available consultations while the presenter shares their spiel.


If you’ve been searching for the key to creating a mind-blowing event that people won’t be able to stop talking about, it’s time to adopt an event matchmaking approach. To maximize the effectiveness of this technique, engage a professional event planner and get planning. Even you will be impressed with the outstanding results you’re bound to see.

We had a great time in 2016. From new partnerships, to our place as one of the top Utah event planners, our team gave us a lot to be proud of this year. To celebrate, we wanted to show off a few of our biggest accomplishments in our 2016 Year in Review!


We planned more events this year than ever before, so choosing our favorites was definitely a challenge. From big conventions to intimate celebrations, we loved helping our clients create experiences they will remember for a lifetime. Our professional planners were able to merge innovative event design with unmatched customer service that launched us to the top of the list for your go-to event planners in 2017. Here are some of our favorite events from this past year, along with some kind words from our clients we managed them with! 


In The Event™ | 2016 Year In Review“The crew at In The Event™ are fabulous. We created together an event that had many many moving parts to it. Mist coming from multiple locations, strobes, lasers, killer sound, up lighting, wind effects, lightning coming from the ceiling, drones, multiple screens, over 50 standalone videos in one day plus power point….and more. The crew at ITE managed all of these moving parts flawlessly and never missed a cue.

The best way to sum this up… company has had killer events in the past with venues such as Disney. At the onset to this meeting, everyone, including my own management, said “you will never be able to top the last meeting!” At the end of the day…they all said, “Over the wall home run…never to be topped again!”

Thank you Robert and crew! If you’re a group planning an event and you want it done right….these are the guys you want!”

Pro tip: Check out our 3-part blog series about our tech we used at STIHL! 

Silver Summit Events: Montage Wedding

In The Event™ | 2016 Year In Review“I own an Event Design & Wedding Planning Company called Silver Summit Events, and I’ve worked with In The Event™ for years, and they truly are one of a kind. They always go above & beyond for us and our clients. Their attention to detail is second to none and they are always willing to work closely with us and the rest of our vendor team (venue, florist, band etc) to make sure our events are flawless. Whether I ask for a giant custom made “Love” cake table (see photo), need special chandeliers so I can hang flowers from the ceiling, or just want my event perfectly lit, they are there for me. Additionally, all of their rentals are pristine, so I’m never worried about the quality of the items I rent for my clientele.
Most recently, they helped me with my own wedding! As a wedding planner, planning my own wedding, you can imagine how particular I was! They met every single one of my requests with an emphatic “Yes!” and everything they did for us was 100% perfect.
I can’t recommend Robert & his team highly enough!”

Western Governor’s University @ The Gallivan Center

In The Event™ | 2016 Year In Review

For this event at the Gallivan Center, we had the chance to shoot an awesome partner video with PLTC to showcase our setup for this event. Check it out here!


Our blog has always been a great resource for those looking to plan an event at any level. Inspiration from our event highlights, tips and tricks from our experienced team, and reviews of some of our favorite events are just a few of the things we like to keep our readers updated with. So here are some of our top posts for 2016!


In The Event™ | 2016 Year In Review

Inspired by big bashes on the big screen, we review some of our favorite parties that

we wish we had an invitation to!



In The Event™ | 2016 Year In Review

After 35+ years of experience from our team, we’ve heard it all. In

this post, we debunked the top 7 myths about hiring the pros.



In The Event™ | 2016 Year In Review

Pantone released their new color for 2017, and we wanted to know more. Read more for our interview with

our lead designer to get tips on using Greenery at your next event!




We pride ourselves in our ability to stay at the forefront of trends in the event industry, and 2016 was no exception to our high standards. From new equipment to an expanding team, In The Event™ is more prepared than ever to handle any level of event. We’ve live streamed events from drones, connected bolts of lightning with Tesla coils,  stocked up on intelligent lighting and so much more. We’ve even jumped on the social media train, creating unique and totally instagrammable photo ops. We also recently hired a second in-house designer to help with professional graphics and design at our events. It has always been our primary goal to be best in class, giving our clients the finest in anything they need for their event. We hope that 2017 brings even more opportunities to grow and innovate the industry that we’re so passionate about.

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Whether it’s a wild, western rodeo or a classy casino night, your event theme is one of the most important parts of any production. With over 35+ years of combined experience, our team here at In The Event™ has been planning themed events for as long as we can remember. After all those carnivals and underwater adventures, we’ve learned a thing or two about what to consider when choosing the theme for your next event. Here are some of the top tips and tricks we’d recommend to anyone looking to make their next party a hit!


When choosing a theme, make sure that you consider the goal that you’re working to accomplish with your event. All too often people look to an exciting theme to increase attendee satisfaction, which can overwhelm the actual purpose of the event. For example, if you are planning on investing in an event for employee training, make sure that the theme and activities don’t leave attendees with little more than an awesome goodie bag. Leaving your guests with a positive experience is always a priority, but don’t leave out important objectives.

Pro tip: Picking an event theme is easy when you’ve got professionals by your side. Get tips on event design and decor from the team at In The Event™!


Though you should always be careful that you’re fulfilling the purpose of your event, sometimes it’s worth it to go all out with a unique theme to leave your guests with a great impression. Turning your next networking event into a carnival night be just what you need to mix it up and get your attendees engaged and having fun. Being creative with your theme gives you plenty of options to impress at every turn.


This is the most important step in choosing your event theme. Planning an event with the right audience in mind will always lead to increased attendee satisfaction and engagement. Make sure to pick a theme that will do the most for your overall goal. Have an office full of 25 year-old entrepreneurs? Maybe choose a theme with lots of opportunities for unique photo ops for that perfect Snapchat. Working with an older, more professional crew? Try something like a casino night or a classy throwback.


Any budget can produce a fun event if it’s done right. If you’re planning an event with a low budget, choose a theme that can still be well designed with little financial toll. Attempting to host an elegant gala for 500 with a small budget isn’t likely to produce the best results. Making sure that your budget is aligned with the demands of the theme will always result in a great time for everyone.

Pro tip: Working on a tight budget? Be sure to check out our rental packages for top grade equipment at an affordable price! 

In The Event™ | How To Choose Your Next Event ThemeIn The Event™ | How To Choose Your Next Event ThemeIn The Event™ | Choosing Your Next Event Theme

Still need help choosing your next event theme? Brainstorm with the pros at In The Event™! From concept to design, we’ve got everything you need to make sure your next party is a hit. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Pantone released their official Color of the Year 2017, and we’re already looking forward to using it in our upcoming events. We sat down with our Senior Designer, Derek Anderson, to find out what he thought about the reveal, and to learn more about how event designers use color in their layouts!

Pantone’s new Color of the Year is Greenery! What do you think? In The Event™ | Color of the Year

“Green is one of my favorite colors to incorporate into an event color palette.  It is so versatile and pairs well with pretty much every color! Green is also primary branding color so we are kind of partial to it! For us, green represents sustainability and nature, which is something we strive for in our events and as a company.”

Pro tip: Want to keep up on other 2017 event trends? Check out our comprehensive for planning an event for the new year! 

When you first saw the color of the year, what event for 2017 were you most looking forward to planning? 

“I was excited to use it for upcoming spring events the most.  I know that’s probably very predictable and cliché, but after a long, cold winter there is nothing like the the bright, cheery colors of spring.  And what better color for spring than this green, mixing it in with bright yellows, oranges, purples, and pinks. I am also excited to use it in the fall/winter for holiday events.  Greenery will mix great with the bright warm ambers and oranges of fall and bring a modern pop to the traditional red and green holiday colors.”

What is some advice you have for people who want to incorporate this color of the year into their events? 

“Don’t overdo it. Think of using it as a napkin as opposed to a full linen or runner, or mix it into the centerpiece using a variety of foliage. If you have , accent the sofas with a colored pillow for a pop of green without it being too much.”   

When presented with a color scheme or palette from a client, how do you go about implementing it into the design? What are your first steps? 

In The Event™ | Color of the Year“My first step is to look at the overall goal.  What are they trying to accomplish with their event? What is the tone or message they are trying to convey?  After this has been established, I move on to the overall design.  What are going to be the key design elements in the whole look? (i.e. stage design, table linens, centerpieces, graphics) I look at these as the foundation to the overall look of the event, and use them as the staple pieces to tie in the colors that the client wants.”

How important is color in designing an event? 

“Color is key.  It can set the entire tone and mood for the event. You can’t have red and orange hues if you are trying to design a ice/winter style event. It just won’t look or feel right. Colors can affect an individual’s mood and appetites in a variety of different ways, so it’s always important to consider color in tandem with the goal of the event.”

Are you looking to incorporate the new Color of the Year into your next event, but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got everything you need. From linen rentals to professional designers, In The Event™ can help you take your next production to the next level. Start here with our go-to , or to get in touch with one of our planners! 

When it comes to your event, safety should be at the top of your priority list. Whether at a birthday party or a corporate event, there are always risks involved in renting and using event equipment. From loose wires to unreliable electrical equipment, anything that isn’t the highest quality has the potential to ruin a great event. As professional event planners who maintain an innovative rental house, we know the difference that safe event tech can make in creating a fun and secure atmosphere for your event.In The Event™ | How To Host A Safe Event

To help with your next event equipment decisions, our team put their heads together to come up with the three most important reasons you should be investing in safe event tech for your next show!

Certified: At a professional rental house, like the one we maintain here at In The Event™, you’re guaranteed not only professional,  top-grade equipment that has been certified for safe use, you’re also going to be working with a trained staff who strive to make sure that every piece of their equipment is ready to be used safely. A company that prioritizes staying on top of latest tech trends will be able to offer incredible design options for your event, which also means that you’re renting items at the top of their class in safety certification.

Cost Effective: A big concern for most clients is cost. Though we always work with our clients to make sure that they’re receiving the best value, it is true that better equipment means a bigger price tag. Some clients decide to go to a cheaper vendor, or look for a DIY solution for their event needs. What most don’t realize is that this poses a serious risk for the safety of your guests and the venue. If you decide to purchase your rental items from a design house that charges less, you’re likely to get equipment that isn’t up to the best standards, and isn’t maintained with the dedication of a professional rental facility. Hiring professional grade equipment may be a bit extra, but will be worth it in the end.

Carefree:  Our favorite part about getting the best, safe event tech for your event? You don’t have to worry about guests tripping over exposed wires, or causing accidental damage to the venue and having to forfeit your In The Event™ | How To Host A Safe Eventdeposit! Hosting any kind of event is stressful, and to add the possibility of an equipment problem is something you shouldn’t have to deal with. From basic party supplies to innovative event tech, you should always make sure that your rental provider is top of the line.

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Avoiding low quality equipment is crucial to hosting any event. It’s never fun to have spent time and energy creating a fun and engaging experience, only to have things go wrong with your equipment. If you’re putting in the time and effort, your equipment should meet your standards of excellence. Set your mind at ease and hire from a company you trust.


Hosting an event? Make it a safe event with In The Event™! Our professionally trained staff and innovative rental house are always ready to host an event designed to set your mind at ease. Get started here

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