Walls & Stages
Floors & Runways
In The Event is the original provider of LED furniture. The entire LED collection is made from easy-to-assemble acrylic panels that can be customized with adhesive graphics printed to fit any event need, from branding to pictures. Lit from within with battery powered LEDs, this furniture will shine through any event. This collection contains a wide selection of seating, bars, and tables. Design your event entirely with light up furniture or use them as accent pieces with other pieces of event furniture
With our wireless capabilities, In The Event can create absolutely stunning lighting designs. LED panels can be combined in any arrangement to create dynamic wall and stage backdrops. Attach custom graphics to create effects, pictures, or logos to amaze your attendees! Our in-house graphics team can help you create entire walls and stages that are as unique as your event needs. Already have a backdrop that you love? We carry a full range of wireless stage lights, perfect for uplighting or wall-washing to brighten up any flat surface. Try these lights to brighten up dark venue walls, create color changing drape backdrops, or emphasize art displays.
In The Event carries the largest inventory of wireless light-up displays. These displays are a perfect way to highlight any product. With options ranging from lit spandex display walls to an LED enclosed display; there is sure to be a fit for your unique needs. Nearly all of the LED and spandex structures can be assembled without the use of tools! Recently our collection of retail and display accessories has grown so large, we created a secondary site devoted display specifically. Check out our sister site, Mannequin Rental Co. for exclusive additional inventory.
We are the top provider of LED dance floors in the state! These fun glowing floors are one of our most popular rentals every year. These floors are made of two foot by two foot square panels so they can be assembled in any size your venue requires. These panels are so strong that we have used them at car shows with no problems. Beyond floors, these LED panels can be used to create runways, stairs, or display platforms. All of which can be customized with different colored lights or graphics.
This is what people most commonly think of when talking about lighting. Disco balls, beaded swags, pixel tubes, chandeliers; we’ve got them all! Wireless lights allow for complete design freedom. We have an entire team of trained lighting specialists to make sure you have a safe and successful event!
Wireless lighting is the perfect option for decor. Glowing jellyfish, arbors, shards, and more. Small submersible LED pucks can be used to create glowing centerpieces. Tiny twinkling fairy lights make our fresh floral displays even more magical. Maybe you want to build entire marquis entrances that glow. Any type of of event decor you can think of, we can make it shine!


In addition to our wireless inventory, In The Event also carries an entire range of traditional lighting options. Everything from lights with moving heads to studio photography lights. In The Event is here to help build a custom lighting design that fits the needs of your unique event. To help in that endeavor we have developed two additional lighting customization options.


GOBOs are used for projecting defined shapes and patterns. Light is projected through a steel template so only the cut away areas appear. Choose from one of hundreds of patterns in our collection, or create your own custom design.


Marquee signs are a classic mix between decor and lighting. In The Event can create custom lit signs in almost any shape or saying. We have done classic shapes, like stars and arrow, as well as branding and company names. However, with these being custom builds, they may need an external power source.