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In The Event is the original provider of LED furniture. The LED collection is made from easy-to-assemble acrylic panels customizable with adhesive graphics, from branding to pictures. Lit from within with battery-powered LEDs, this furniture shines through any event. The collection includes seating, bars, and tables. Design your event with light-up furniture or use them as accent pieces with other event furniture.
With our wireless capabilities, In The Event can create stunning party lighting designs. LED panels can be combined to create dynamic wall and stage backdrops. Attach custom graphics for effects and logos. Our in-house graphics team can help create unique walls and stages. Need wireless stage lights? We offer a full range of uplighting, wall-washing and event lighting services. Brighten up dark venue walls, create color-changing drape backdrops, or emphasize art displays.
In The Event in Salt Lake City, Utah offers a vast inventory of wireless light-up displays, ideal for showcasing products and also event lighting. Our options include lit spandex display walls and LED enclosed displays, providing solutions to meet your unique needs. Most of our LED and spandex structures can be assembled without tools. We have also expanded our collection of retail and display accessories, leading us to create a dedicated secondary site, Mannequin Rental Co., for additional inventory.
We are the leading provider of LED dance floors in the state! Our popular rentals consist of two-foot by two-foot square panels, easily customizable with colored lights or graphics. These versatile panels can be assembled into any size required, serving as floors, runways, stairs, or display platforms. Used even at car shows, their strength is unmatched.
This is what people commonly think of when talking about lighting. We've got disco balls, beaded swags, pixel tubes, chandeliers, and more! Wireless lights offer design freedom. Our team of trained lighting rental specialists ensures a safe and successful event!
Wireless lighting is an ideal choice for decor, including glowing jellyfish, arbors, shards, and more. LED pucks create glowing centerpieces while twinkling fairy lights enhance floral displays. We can make any event lighting decor shine, including entire marquis entrances!


In addition to wireless inventory, In The Event carries a range of traditional event lighting options, including lights with moving heads and studio photography lights. We can help build a custom lighting design for your event with two additional customization options.


GOBOs are used for projecting defined shapes and patterns. Light is projected through a steel template so only the cut away areas appear. Choose from one of hundreds of patterns in our collection, or create your own custom design.


Marquee signs are a mix of decor and lighting. In The Event in Salt Lake City, Utah can create custom-lit signs in various shapes or sayings, including branding and company names. However, as custom builds, they may require an external power source.


Don't let your event be left in the dark! Contact In The Event for more information on lighting options. We provide services from initial design to installation and take down, ensuring a well-lit event that will leave a lasting impression. Get started with an inquiry today!  Contact Us

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