Rent Lighting for Your Next Event

Lighting has unlimited potential in shaping multiple aspects of your event. When you need good event lighting rental in Utah, In The Event has your back. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment to help make your event as bright as you are.

From event lighting design to big-screen video presentations to various energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED products, In The Event will ensure the smooth and flawless production of your corporate event.

Even though In The Event offers basic event lighting rental packages (uplighting and pin-spotting, room washing, intelligent lighting, etc), we prefer to tailor our event lighting designs to each clients’ unique personality and vision.

Looking for quick pricing? Be cost effective with buying a whole package instead of a single item.

1. Saves Your Budget


How does spending more on lighting save your budget? Renting professional lighting helps to avoid high-cost items in your budget such as expensive venue rentals. If you can splash a bland wall with some spotlights, you can leave those expensive locations out.

2. Power Over Environment


So maybe your venue isn’t a posh hotel, but with our lighting, you can make it feel that way. Tea lights, a light wall, and other unique lighting options can give you complete control over the environment at your event. Lighting can also change throughout the evening, allowing fluidity in design and layouts.

3. Promotes Engagement


Highlighting speakers on stage? Perhaps the sculpture you’re unveiling? Lighting can help your audience know what’s going on where, and helps them to know how to get involved.

4. Stylish and Safe Equipment


Even with a fantastic venue, delicious food, and great decor, lighting adds that final touch that leaves guests feeling impressed. Forget haphazard wires running along the floor, waiting for an accident to happen. Each rented light is cable-free, which allows a clean look, with easy setup and a quick strike.

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Here is more information about some of the lighting In The Event has to offer:

PX Line ⥕

These PX fixtures have standard RGB color-mixing capabilities and our new PX-XL fixture adds 2 more colors, amber and white. So, now we can get rich golds and pure whites with our LEDS. This light is great for washing walls with color and making all our bars & hi boys pop!

Pixel Line ⥕

The pixel lights are the most dynamic light we carry. It offers complete color-mixing and programming of RGBWA. From the slim line wash (a full color wall wash that can chase, strobe and roll light all over the walls) too the pucks that are great pin spots (they even have magnets in them so they are easy to install on steel beams), pucks are also great for splashing beams of color up walls & making hi boys come to life. These can be used in our dance MODS as well. The newest pixel light we carry is the XXL. This light is the worlds brightest wireless LED light. It is also waterproof and submergible. Finally we have the pixel tube. The LEDs are inside of a 2” tube and give off 180 degrees of light. This light, like the other pixel lights can be programmed to do many things and can color mix to a PMS color.

Gobo Projectors ⥕

These LED projectors are customizable and can project a logo or pattern anywhere in your venue. These lights have a single chip white LED. It also has a custom color wheel to add up to 4 colors to the light.