About In The Event

In The Event is a full service event design company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah

providing the ultimate in products and services to our clients throughout the U.S

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Event Planning

With over 10 years of event planning experience, our event planning services include a variety of services including event decor, florals, display, and full-scale event production (Learn More). Our team is comprised of interior designers, event planning, and experienced event specialists. We pride ourselves on being the most innovative and trendy event planning company in the Utah Region. Whether it’s a corporate event, social event, a big event, or a small event, ITE is the event planning company that does it all.

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Event Rentals

In The Event specializes in modular LED furniture and lighting and we are one of the only decor companies in Utah offering modular LED pieces such as; tables, bars, cubes, walls, towers, dance floors and more! Our selection of event rentals is not only LED, we have an ever-increasing inventory bringing you the latest and greatest decor, games and furniture to your next event.

Robert and GayLyn

Husband and wife, Robert and GayLyn founded In The Event a decade ago and together they have successfully changed the event planning industry. Robert has over 25 years of event producing experience from around the world. GayLyn spent her years in retail and commercial design world leading her to obtain a Residential and Commercial Design degree. Event planning knowledge combined with a professional interior designer, what more do you need to plan your event? Robert and GayLyn’s combined talents enable every client to get the event they desire, from the transformation of bare space into a magical setting to the fun and flair of the decor and florals. Our ability to transform our client’s desires from concept to reality makes for an exciting and cohesive planning process.

Robert and Gaylyn In The Event