About Us


In The Event is a full service event design company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah

providing the ultimate in products and services to our clients throughout the U.S

We specialize in modular LED furniture and are one of the only decor companies in Utah offering modular LED pieces such as tables, bars, cubes, walls, towers, dance floors, and more. With a team comprised of interior designers, we offer services including event decor, florals, display, and full scale event production. We pride ourselves on bringing the most innovative event design and decor to the Utah region. Husband and wife, Robert and GayLyn, have combined their talents in live event production and custom design to create one of a kind concepts for their clients. Robert comes from a background of event producers and brings over 25 years of experience to the company. Born in Las Vegas, he traveled the world with his family producing live events for Theaters, Casinos, Television and even U.S. Presidents. It was during this time he worked with lighting, sound, video, staging and special effects while also learning how to produce, direct and choreograph – giving him an unprecedented background in all production elements of a live staged event. GayLyn spent her upbringing in the retail and commercial design world. This helped her to develop a passion and appreciation for design and led her to a degree in Residential and Commercial design. GayLyn started her professional interior design career in Las Vegas, fulfilling a high level of expectations. From top tier multi-million dollar luxury resort communities, to custom homes and commercial buildings, GayLyn quickly became a “go-to” professional for elite design services.

After over 10 years of miracles in the Las Vegas market, Robert and GayLyn returned to Salt Lake City, Utah to start something new and creative. It was at that time GayLyn and Robert decided to combine their skills and work together as one to build In The Event. As Robert would paint the picture of visual scenery for live production to his clientele, GayLyn was hard at work fueling her own creation and the realities of designing such extravagant occasions. Together they have changed the scenery for live events in Utah. In The Event has an intuitive sense of design which brings elements of theme, mood and style to any special event. Robert and GayLyn’s combined talents enable every client to get the event they desire, from the transformation of bare space into a magical setting to the fun and flair of the decor and florals. Our ability to transform our client’s desires from concept to reality makes for an exciting and cohesive planning process.