Graphics & Signage

Customize Your Next Event

In The Event™ offer a variety of printing services from bold signs and banners, stunning building wraps, custom window clings, stand-out tradeshow booth displays, to innovative promotional products and more. We use state of the art equipment to bring you the highest quality of products. In addition to printing, we offer full graphic design services. When you work with In The Event™, you can count on reliable service, professionalism, and speedy turn-around times.

We have the experience, knowledge and skills to do custom jobs that are unlike anything you’ve seen before. We brand everything! No job is too big or too small.

Looking for quick pricing? Whether your event is in 1 week or in 3 months, you can get basic pricing to build your ideal event within your set budget!

Prop Rentals

1. Professionalism


Nothing says you mean business like an LED booth with your logo on it. In The Event™ incorporates print into everything we do. From a simple table stand sign to 40 foot backdrops to an 80 foot stage set, we’ve done it all. Incorporating graphics and signage at your event brings a unique level of professionalism, unrivaled by the cliché canvas banner.

2. Brand Awareness


It’s one thing to put your logo on a pamphlet, but it’s another to blow it up on the big screen. You’ve worked hard to create and market your brand; why not use In The Event™ to give it more power. We have an experienced design team that can give your brand an extra boost.

3. Decor


Graphics and signage aren’t only for your logo. Let In The Event™ create a unique texture and feel for your event. Colored LED towers Snakeskin tables? You’ve got it.

4. Unique advertising


Some use billboards, and some use printed flyers, but why not use an LED dance floor and bar? Having your logo up on stage not only increases the power of your brand, but is a unique form of advertising that you won’t find anywhere else. Help your guests associate your brand with the good time they’re having at the event, and simultaneously reap the rewards of exceptionally unique advertising.

5. The Basics


In addition to decor and branding, graphics and signage help cover the basics. Informing your guests about your brand, signs directing them where to go, and what’s happening are all great possibilities with our graphics. And, as always, you get to add the unique touch of In The Event™ to make even the basics memorable.