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What To Expect From Your Professional Event Planner

July 1, 2016

So you’re hosting a big event. You’ve called your event planner and set up a consultation for this afternoon. You’re excited to start talking about what we’re sure will be the event of a lifetime, but you’ve also got a big question on your mind: “What should I expect from my professional event planner?”

When you’re planning an event, you should have only the best at your side. Not sure what’s behind a real professional event planner? We’ve got some ideas!


The first thing you should expect from your event team is clear and valuable preparation sessions. Though you should entrust most decisions to these experts, you should be involved in the planning process. Number one on an event coordinator’s list should be making sure your ideas become the reality of the event. Something we like to do here at In The Event™ is provide our clients with full floor plans, and custom 3-D renderings. This way, our clients have a perfect picture of how everything from the stage to the centerpieces will look like at their event.


We’ve all been there. There’s a lot going on backstage, and it seems like no one is in charge. One thing you can expect from a professional event planner? Order. Or at least some organized chaos. You should be able to walk up to your event staff, ask them any question, and they should have the answer faster than you can say, “I don’t know, ask Bob.” Here at In The Event™, we make sure that our on-site staff is trained and briefed before each show on anything and everything. Good communication between your planner and their staff is another sign that they know their stuff, and are ready to handle your event!


Though 911 should only be called if there’s literally a fire burning, other event emergencies should be handled by your onsite fire-fighters: your event staff! Missing equipment, broken lightbulbs, and anything in-between should be handled by your event coordinators. Though some things are out of anyone’s control, your event staff should be doing everything in their power to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything during your event.

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Nobody is perfect. We all lose our cool sometimes, and we all get stressed out; but your on-site event staff shouldn’t be! You can always expect an event coordinator to know what to do, when and how to handle anything that comes their way. Event emergencies should be handled with level-headed urgency, not a close-call mental breakdown. We’re not saying we’ll be meditating monks in the face of unplanned surprises, but we’ll always do our best to keep our cool in remedying problems during your event.

Looking for a reliably professional event every time? You can count on In The Event™! Utah’s premiere event rental and production company. We are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative event design, and a professional event experience. 

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