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Event Planning Services

When it comes to event production planning in Utah, turn to In The Event. We’re more than just a party planner. From providing innovative event rentals to designing and coordinating your entire event production, our event planning staff knows what it takes to create an event that attendees won’t forget.
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In The Event offers event planning for free for clients who rent party equipment. Count on us to turn that event in your mind into a reality.


The best person to ask about how the event should look is you; that’s why we prioritize working in tandem with our clients throughout the design process in order to make sure that we are bringing your vision to life. We bring our experience to the table, but we’ll never cut you out of the process. From start to finish, you’ll have the final say in how your event will look. We supplement your vision by creating custom 3D renderings and offering our input based on our knowledge of venue space, attendee behavior, and design.

This aspect of our event production planning process is one of the major things that sets In The Event apart. There is more to event design and event planning than cohesive color palettes and beautiful rentals. Our team knows what it means to bring together practicality, functionality, and trending design all in one space. Create your next event with the professionals by your side to translate your vision into an event they won’t forget.


After you’ve approved the final designs, we move into action. From coordinating catering and venues to curating rentals from our professional inventory, we’ll take it from here. You can enjoy the next steps from the comfort of your daily life while we create your event, piece by piece. Have questions about your event? Your designated event planner will always be there to fill you in on decisions and steps we’re taking to create your perfect event.

We pride ourselves in efficiency. We do everything we can to make sure you aren’t bombarded with phone calls, texts, and emails asking about your event. We get as much information as we can during the first stages of production planning so that you can enjoy the time before your event, stress-free.


This is where In The Event takes the cake when it comes to event planners in Utah and throughout the United States. After 35+ years of experience, our team knows their stuff. With a detailed schedule and trained event staff in tow, we’ll bring your event to life right on time, every time. We’re a full-service event house, so we’ve taken special care to provide our clients with anything they would need to create their dream event. We specialize in:

  • Floral
  • Graphics & Signage
  • Design
  • Decor
  • Display
  • Lighting
Event Stage with Color Red and Blue Lighting


If you’ve designed your entire event with our team, we’ll handle everything from setup to locking the door at the end of the night. Even if you’ve only hired our team for event management, we’ll dedicate the same time and attention to your event running smoothly as we would any other client. Event management is what we do best, and we’ve got hundreds of past events and happy clients to prove it. When we are your event manager, we’ll dedicate a trained coordinator to handle your event, providing you with someone you can trust to run the production.

Though our event planners are the face of our company to clients, they’ve got a great team behind them that works just as hard to deliver a great event. We make sure that we’ve got the experts handling each aspect of what we bring to you as a client. We staff in-house lighting professionals who can be at your event to manage anything from a live light show to a simple projector rental for your presenter. Trained graphic designers are dedicated to creating quality renderings, designs, and graphics for each and every aspect of your event. Our experienced event production planners will be there to coordinate catering, entertainment, and anything else we’ve included in your event, and your on-site event staff will be ready to handle all twists and turns that come with live events. You can count on our team to be by your side throughout your event.
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