How Small Businesses Are Finding Focus With Live Events

September 12, 2017

Here in the heart of Silicon Slopes, our team has seen a huge uptick in businesses looking to make an impact in the growing tech community in Utah. As we’ve helped to host multiple product launches, trade shows, company parties and more, we’ve seen a troubling trend in small businesses entering a rapidly growing market. Especially in places like Silicon Slopes, the pace has been set and lots of small businesses are not only taking their first steps, they’re taking them on a moving walkway that’s racing at 100 MPH. With this speed in development, small businesses are finding it difficult to keep their focus as they grow, which is especially essential to longevity in the tech world. It’s easy to guess, but our favorite solution is always live events! With their ability to harvest large amounts of audience data and feedback, as well as providing a chance to establish a solid brand and voice, they’re a great way for small businesses to refocus and move forward with confidence in Utah’s Silicon Slopes and beyond!

Event Rentals | Kleenex Interaction TechnologyAudience Data

From client satisfaction to engagement, live events are where it’s at.

An experiential event is more than just a fun party. If you’re approaching this experience as a tool for data collection, you’re on the road to some of the most valuable information you can get your hands on: real-time analytics, data, and more. However, making your next event valuable on this front takes preparation. Making sure you’ve set up efficient social listening strategy, and created measurable experiences throughout the event is essential to reaping all the benefits that live events have to offer!

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Live Feedback

If anything, it’s about hearing the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ when you reveal your new product or brand. 

When you’re launching a new brand, product, or campaign, the first seconds of exposure are key to identifying your next move. If you’re hosting a brand activation or product launch, you’ve got access to an immediate response, versus a social campaign that could take days or weeks to yield those valuable results. When it comes to maintaining focus as a small business, you need this quick response in order to stay on top of your game. Live events also give you more room to give guests the chance to actually experience your brand. Roll out the red carpet and give attendees the full treatment.

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Branding & Business Goals

Identifying and understanding the place of your brand in your business goals is key to finding focus. 

Branding at Live EventsHaving a consistent and solid brand is essential to finding focus as a small business. It plays a large part in identifying who you are as a company and how others perceive you. With all the different platforms online, it’s easy to get off track with your brand when it comes to creating content and voice. When it comes to planning a live event, you’ve got a great opportunity to expound on what makes you and your company unique. From event lighting to graphics and signage, investing in a live event is the chance to nail down exactly how you want your audience, both online and offline, to see you and your small business.


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