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Why Utah Is An Innovative Event Production Leader

August 31, 2016

Utah is recognized as a leader when it comes to innovation in general, so it’s no surprise that the Beehive State also has a reputation for putting on some of the most cutting-edge, innovative events anywhere. From the Outdoor Retailers Show to the first-ever Thin Air Innovation Festival, business and social leaders from across the world flock to this mountain state to exhibit, share, explore, and expand their personal and professional perspectives.

Sure, there are states with bigger populations, bigger business, and definitely bigger diversity, so what makes Utah events so attractive?

Everyone is SO Nice

It may seem like a cliche, but this one is completely true. Utah is one of the most welcoming states in the nation. In fact, Condé Nast ranked Park City as the friendliest city in the country in 2015. With the huge Sundance Film Festival and a variety of international winter sports events (including the upcoming 2019 Freestyle and Snowboard FIS World Championships) each year, there’s no question that Park City is definitely under the microscope when it comes to how they throw an event and how they take care of visitors.

If that weren’t enough, “Forbes” declared the western suburb of Tooele as the 10th friendliest town in the U.S. last year. Big smiles and a willingness to help out, whether you’re a stranger or a neighbor, are hallmarks of any visit to Utah. The friendly atmosphere extends to small business and tech innovation as well, making Utah a desirable location for everything from Adobe’s 2015 Summit to timely, industry-leading events like the first annual Women’s Entrepreneurial Conference.

Big City Amenities with Small Town Flavor

Reno may have claimed the “Biggest Little City in the World” title, but we think Salt Lake City is the “Biggest Small Town in the World.” Utah is one of those rare places where you get world-class culture, restaurants, and shopping without feeling overwhelmed by the fast pace and crowded streets of a big city. Even though the Wasatch Front is home to more than two million people, it’s easy to feel like you’re part of a Norman Rockwell painting while strolling through the city’s many parks and well-maintained city streets.

There are plenty of unique neighborhoods to explore and hidden treasures to find, just minutes outside the capital city center – and you can easily explore them via Uber or the city’s progressive bike sharing program. That special combination of big city perks and small town intimacy make Utah a top pick for major events like the seasonal Outdoor Retailer Shows, which bring tens of thousands of retailers and outdoor product innovators to the state from all over the world. 

It’s Affordable

Budget is a huge concern for events of all sizes. Utah stands out as a more affordable option than other similar cities like Denver. Not only is Utah attractive to budget-conscious organizers and companies, but it makes attending a conference or convention more doable for attendees. Reasonable airfare to and from the Salt Lake International Airport and plenty of budget-friendly hotel options make Utah-based conventions and events accessible to more people.

Nobody Works Harder

It’s not called the Beehive State because it’s known for producing honey. Utahns are busy little bees. From entrepreneurship to innovation in tech, medicine, and green products, Utah is always hard at work making things bigger and better. No wonder giants like Adobe have looked to Utah as the right place to call home.

The stimulating  business environment in Utah has also attracted the attention of other groundbreaking companies like Google. The Internet behemoth selected In the Event to represent Utah in their 2014 Economic Impact Report. The event production company was highlighted for sustained annual growth of 50 percent and using Google’s tools to spur that growth. In the Event is dedicated to providing innovative event solutions in Utah and across the country, and it looks like their hard work and web savvy are getting the job done.

innovative event productionThe Great Outdoors

It’s true that we have the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” but our natural beauty and recreation are not limited to the winter months. In addition to world-class skiing, Utah is also home to five national parks, the Tour of Utah, and, yeah, we hosted the Olympics. When you’re putting on a major event you need more than a hot lineup of speakers to attract strong attendance.

The close proximity of abundant outdoor recreation is one of best things a Utah-based event has going for it. When event sponsors find out that attendees can make it from the airport to the slopes in around half an hour, it ups the mass appeal of even the most staid conference. 

Safety First

Between Temple Square and Brigham Young University, Utah has a reputation as the wholesome home to the Mormon church. Even though that association brings things like polygamy and tee-totaling to mind, it also makes people feel safe. And that feeling is not misplaced.

Utah was ranked as one of the safest states in the country for 2016. Wallethub placed Utah in the ninth spot after taking a look at factors including home and community safety, financial security, road safety, and workplace safety.

Passion, Passion, Passion

One thing Utahns can’t be accused of is having a lackadaisical attitude. Whether it’s the predominant religion, politics, social issues, or dressing up like a comic book hero, Utah residents where their hearts – and their passions – on their sleeves. That passion has given rise to a number of unique conventions and events that would never have grown to such phenomenal sizes without the strong convictions of those who call the Beehive State home.

The state is home to one of the fastest-growing Comic Con events in the country, one of the largest Pride celebrations, and game-changing events like the Thin Air Innovation Festival, which brought together tech-savvy business leaders from around the nation to tackle business’ biggest challenges. It’s clear that more companies are starting to recognize the benefit of tapping into that Utah passion when it comes to pulling off a world-class event that is anything but business-as-usual.

When it comes to innovation Utah is a clear leader, and companies that hitch their wagon to that innovative star end up with unforgettable events that attract headlines and break attendance records. If you want to experience a little bit of that Utah magic for yourself, let In the Event show you around. We’d love to use our experience, expertise, and creative Utah minds to transform your next big shindig.

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