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How Intelligent Lighting Is Revolutionizing Events

April 13, 2017

In the world of events, lighting is a key component to the work that we do. We staff lighting experts. We work with giants in the world of LED display. We create 3D renderings for stage lighting. We play with Tesla coils, lasers, and more. Lighting is the best friend of an event planner. Having been involved in this industry for as long as we have, we’ve seen a lot of changes happening to events as a whole, much of which has been propelled by innovations in intelligent lighting and technology. What others may see as some new toys every year or so, our team sees as a revolution in the world of events.

Changing Events

In The Event™ | Intelligent LightingIn the past, the world of events functioned as an industry apart from innovative tech giants. Event planners had access to technology that was being developed for other industries and purposes when they were planning their events. With the development of intelligent lighting, technology started originating by and for the events industry. From an LED dance floor to wireless lighting display, these innovative advancements have not only proved the events industry as a creator, but have also give event planners the resources to take the events industry to the next level.

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Enabling Creativity 

In The Event™ | Intelligent LightingEvent planners in the 21st century have access to more technology than ever before, and it shows. Events are evolving from conference tables and chairs to LED display panels and innovative lighting. Event planners aren’t just there to run your event, they now have more and more liberty with event design, creating experiences for event attendees rather than making a simple space functional for live events. Advancements in intelligent lighting are perhaps the most influential in this change. Lighting is and has always been a building block of live events, and with this access to new technology, anyone from an event management team to corporate event companies can change an event from the ground up.

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Opening Doors

As one of the top teams in event management and production, our perspective on the events industry is comprehensive, and we see advancements in lighting as just the start of a revolution. With event planners taking advantage of new freedoms that intelligent lighting and technology brings to their designs, there is no doubt that other aspects of the events industry will undergo the same transformation. We’ve already started seeing changes in venues for events, furniture rental options, and general event design and function. If the level at which intelligent lighting changed events is any indication, we see the world of events taking a turn for the better in the years to come.

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