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Professional Event Planner & Why The Title Isn’t Enough

September 25, 2017

If you’ve ever had to search for an event planning or corporate event production company, you’re likely to have found thousands of event management teams claiming to be everything you need and more. In your search, you’ve probably asked yourself the same question that thousands of professional event planners and meeting planners have been asking themselves for years: what does ‘event planner’ mean? Do they provide the event rentals? Do the manage my event? What’s included?

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As professional event planners, clients often come to us with questions about our range of services. It’s not surprising, as the title ‘Meeting Planner’ or ‘Event Planner’ isn’t always as clear as one like ‘Accountant’ or ‘Dog Walker.’ It can be frustrating for event planners to come to terms with this disparity, especially when they want to convey to clients their specific products and services. There are event planners who are solely dedicated to the planning and management of your event and there are some who only handle some kinds of events rather than others. Then there are companies like ours who will handle your event from design to rentals, to vendor relations, to management, to clean up. The term “event planner” just doesn’t seem to cut it.

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So what needs to change?

We need to be picky. Not everyone who’s planned a party should be called an event planner. Too many clients find themselves with less than what they bargained for because they’re working with someone with little to no experience and no resources to host their major event. An ‘event planner’ should be able to prove to their client that they’re ready to bring the best in event technology, services, and design to their experience and nothing less.

If you’d prefer to specialize, make sure you’re clear in your title so that clients know what you do best and that you deserve their business. Every event deserves the best, so being honest with yourself as a brand and company is key.

So what does this mean for clients?

In The Event™ | Event PlannerDo your research. Because the title often won’t represent a standard set of services, it’s important to understand what you’re getting when you hire your next meeting or event planner. Though there are companies like ours who have to work with people not seeing the full range of our services from our title, there are also some who are assumed to provide services that they don’t actually offer. It’s never fun to think you have found the perfect fit and then realize you have to go somewhere else for event management or rentals.

Time is money, and spending hours searching for multiple vendors and planners shouldn’t be a line item in your next event budget. When we say we staff professional event planners, we mean it. From corporate event production to private parties and get-togethers, we’ll help you design, plan, coordinate, and run your event, and can also bring specialty linens, event decor, tables and chairs, and more. Contact our office today to get connected with a professional event planner! 

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