How To Throw The Graduation Party Of The Year

July 25, 2017

Whether your student is picking up a diploma or finishing their master’s degree, this is a time to celebrate. Graduation is no easy feat, and your graduate deserves recognition for the hard work it took to reach this milestone.

Coming up with a unique party idea for your grad can be a challenge, especially as the median age changes and attendance size varies. But we’ve got a few suggestions that will help your graduation party run without a hitch and make your graduate feel like the most special student in their class.

High School Graduation Party

In The Event™ | Graduation PartyHigh school graduation celebrations are full of energy and excitement. Aspirations run high as new adults decide what their next step in life will be. You will want your high school graduation party ideas to be personal, fun, and inspiring.

To personalize the event, use the grad’s school colors for decorating ideas to set a theme for the celebration. Use the colors to pick out tablecloths, garland, and even create a couple of themed “mocktails” for the graduates to sip on. This will promote the graduates’ school pride and help to share the experience with everyone in attendance.

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Commemorate the event with a photo booth where guests can take pictures with the grad in their cap and gown. The graduate will feel like a superstar and the photos make a sweet and simple gift for the guests to take home. Use a Polaroid camera so the images can be savored immediately and provide a few props for the grad and their friends to get silly.

white-boardHigh school graduates are entering an important period of life involving change, challenges, and triumphs. Invite attendees to share their wisdom with the guest of honor through a congratulations board. Hand out markers for guests to write notes of encouragement and advice on this special board decorated with school colors, mementos, and a favorite photo. When the board is done, present it to the graduate as a unique, heartfelt gift.

College Graduation Party for Your Undergraduate 

The next big landmark after high school graduation is finishing college. Completing an undergraduate degree is an event that should be celebrated with the perfect mix of fun and sophistication. Since the average age of your guests has risen, including a bar with a specialty drink honoring the graduate is a creative way to celebrate the grad with a bit of class.

guitar_centerpieceA college graduation party should truly celebrate the person your grad has become over the last few years. Luckily we have experience on planning the the best college graduation parties. Use personalized centerpieces to demonstrate passions and accomplishments of the guest of honor. Whether your grad was a star on the football team, an aspiring artist, or passionate about biology, you can create special centerpieces that are fun to look at and also make great gifts for the grad or family to take home.

To spice up your event, choose a theme that will mean something. Honor their time in school with a college themed party, modeled after “Animal House” or “Accepted,” or celebrate their job offer with a party centered on their relocation. Whatever you choose, a theme not only makes the party unforgettable, it can help direct you with decorations, activities, and food, making party planning easier than ever!

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Graduate School Soiree

To celebrate receiving your master’s degree or that of your friend or family member, throw and intimate and sophisticated soiree designed for plenty of conversation. Bar stools and tables are perfect for creating a classy, conversational atmosphere that allows your guests to mingle comfortably.

Urban BarWhen planning the celebration, think about the food. Your guests will appreciate the carefully chosen appetizers and dishes you present, so take the time to find a great caterer that can impress attendees. Food served in courses will also allow for plenty of conversation and give the guests something to rave about to break the ice.

Elevate the caliber of your commemoration with atmospheric lighting. If you’re entertaining outside, use strands of lights or battery powered candles to create an inviting mood without worrying about fire and wind. If you’re hosting inside, use candles and lamps instead of bright overhead lights. Create lanterns with battery powered candles and brown paper bags to light the way to your event with style.

Graduations are an important time in one’s life. It marks accomplishments while celebrating the future, a time for humble gratefulness and excited anxiety. Let your graduate know how special their accomplishments and goals are with a personalized celebration, and let In the Event help. We have everything you need from furniture rentals, to decoration advice and signage. In the Event makes it easy to stop stressing the details and focus on congratulating the graduate.

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