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Assessing Rental Equipment Needs for House Parties, Part 2

April 28, 2020

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over whether or not you’ll need equipment rentals for various house party events you might be throwing, plus the sorts of rentals that will generally be needed depending on the sort of event you’re planning. Many hosting events for small or moderately-sized groups choose to do so from a home venue to save on costs, which can be significant, and equipment rentals often make this approach possible.

At In The Event™, we’re happy to offer a huge variety of event rental products in addition to our event planning and related event coordinator services, from basic event furniture to party lighting, tents and numerous other areas. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few other house party types and whether they tend to require equipment rentals, plus the sorts of rentals that work best within each of these circumstances.

Graduation Party

Graduation parties can be held for several levels of schooling, from high school up through a bachelor’s master’s degree or even a PhD. Group size is a major factor in whether rentals will be needed, just as it will be for any other house party, but the other major factor to consider here is how the event will go.

In many cases, graduation parties are just simple gatherings with a few friends and family members with some food, and rentals either won’t be needed or will only be required in limited ways. In others, though, graduations are larger events that involve gathering around food, graduation photos and possibly even a group of several students to honor their moving up a level. In these cases, rentals like tables, chairs, food trays and others could be prudent.

Corporate Event

Again, as tends to be a theme here, the big factor in whether a corporate event held at a house will require equipment rental is the size of the company and event itself. Are you just having your boss over for dinner, or are you hosting an entire workplace of 50-plus people? The former likely won’t require rentals while the latter likely will.

Birthday Party

When it comes to birthday parties, the age of the individual being celebrated tends to define the scope of the event and whether some rentals are needed. Child birthday parties, for instance, are usually relatively manageable with the items already present at home – but a bigger party for adults will require more materials and could dictate you purchase a few rentals to supplement what’s already on-hand.

Going Away Celebration

Finally, as most going away events or celebrations are somewhat muted due to the sadness involved, most don’t tend to be large enough affairs to require equipment rentals. In cases where the individual being honored is very popular and the event will be larger, on the other hand, we’re happy to provide you with any rentals you need to accommodate everyone.

For more on house party events and whether they require equipment rentals, or to learn about any of our event planning or other event services, speak to the staff at In The Event™ today.

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