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Corporate Event Furniture Rentals: 3 Ways to Put a Spin on Seating

July 5, 2019

Corporate event furniture often consists of tables and chairs – that’s the traditional choice for many types of functions.

But sometimes, forgoing tradition and embracing innovation is a great way to ensure the attendees have an enjoyable experience. And one easy approach is to outfit an event space with unconventional rental furniture.

Non-traditional seating can help make your next business function a spectacular success. For inspiration, consider one of the following fun ideas for corporate event furniture.

No. 1: Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

As you know, corporate meetings can be rather lengthy – and sitting in a less-than-comfortable chair can make the time drag.

By furnishing the meeting venue with sectionals, couches and loveseats, you can create a relaxing atmosphere. And when your attendees get to sit in comfort, they’ll be better able to concentrate on the business at hand.

No. 2: Make Your Attendees Feel Important

Corporate bigwigs deserve respect, but everyone who attends a business party – even the most junior members of the company – should enjoy the experience.

To that end, opting for seating groups that feature unique pieces and luxurious fabrics can go a long way. All of the attendees will feel valued as they settle back in stylish plush event furniture, and the unconventional look will add to their overall excitement.

No. 3: Benefit from Branding

In many cases, corporate gatherings make for great marketing opportunities – and your choice of seating can make a big difference.

Sofas, chairs, couches or sectionals in your company colors will look amazing in photos. And, why not go the extra mile and opt for custom screen-printed pillows that display your company logo? Either way, any pictures taken may provide strong marketing potential.

Finding the Right Corporate Event Furniture

Choosing the seating for a corporate event is no easy task. There are a vast number of options, each of which comes in multiple styles. And, of course, the event furniture you rent needs to meet your budget.

For expert help finding the ideal seating solution, turn to the professional team at In the Event. We offer a massive selection of event furniture rentals – and if you rent anything from our inventory, you’ll get the services of a professional event planner at no additional cost.

In the Event offers full-service corporate event design and production, and we take special care to create innovative experiences. Based in Salt Lake City, we plan and coordinate events throughout Utah and around the nation. Partner with us, and you can enjoy both high-quality furniture rentals and assistance from a highly-experienced event planning team.

To learn more about In the Event, or to explore our extensive variety of corporate event furniture rental options, contact us today.

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