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Assessing Rental Equipment Needs for House Parties, Part 1

April 3, 2020

When planning a given party or event, one of the most significant costs involved is often attached to an off-site venue being utilized. In some situations, planners may consider a home venue to save costs here for the right kind of event.

At In The Event™, we’re here to help no matter which of these options you choose. We offer a wide variety of event planning services, plus a huge range of event rentals spanning from furniture options like table rentals to lighting, stages, audio/visual and numerous other rental items at your disposal. Those looking into home venues for parties are often wondering: Do I need rental equipment for my event? This two-part blog series will go over all the factors at play in answering this question, from the basics of a house party to some specific party types you might be considering and whether rentals tend to be needed.

Essentials and Logistics

First and foremost, any party being held in a home venue should be assessed for basic essentials and logistics. These include the space available and whether it’s robust enough for the expected guest list, plus whether you have the proper personnel for basic setup and cleanup.

From here, dig into factors like whether you’ll be serving food, the seating that will or won’t be required, other decoration needs, the event’s duration and various schedules or activities. Once you’ve nailed down these details, you’ll have a better idea of whether you might require certain rentals to supplement your supplies on-hand.

Our next several sections will look at particular house party types and the kinds of rentals they typically require, if any.

Welcome Party

Some homeowners love to throw “welcome to the neighborhood” parties for new families who move in – these serve not only as a great way to get to know new neighbors, but also to keep in touch with existing ones. Whether this sort of event will require rentals depends almost entirely on the size and scope involved: Is your “neighborhood” really just a few couples in nearby houses, or will there be in excess of 50 people in attendance? If it’s the former, you likely have the required equipment on-hand; if it’s the latter, you’ll likely need some help from rentals.

Engagement Party

Many engagement parties are thrown at the home of one set of parents or the other, and such parties often require basic rentals like chairs, tents or food prep equipment. Since engagement parties tend to be larger and feature people from both families, these rentals are common.

Baby Announcement

Whether we’re talking a gender reveal, pregnancy announcement, baby shower or any other theme here, baby announcements are common house party events as well. Like with welcome parties and many others, a need for rentals here tends to depend on the size of the guest list and whether food will be present – and whether you have the required items already present to handle these needs.

For more on house party events and whether you’ll require equipment rentals, or to learn about any of our event planning or rental services, speak to the staff at In The Event™ today.

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