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Surviving Snow in Salt Lake City As Utah Event Planners

March 11, 2019

As we approach the winter season here in Salt Lake City, Utah event planners are gearing up for the elegant apres-ski parties, cozy holiday get-togethers, and exciting film festivals. Our team loves the Utah winters and all the great events that come with them, but we can’t ignore the struggles that event planners have in dealing with a harsh winter climate! Here are four of our favorite tips to make your winter holiday party or snowy get-together accident-free and one to remember!

Safety First

When it comes to winter events in Utah, there are plenty of ways an event planner can use the snow and ice of the season to unleash their creativity, but with great power comes great responsibility. For Utah event planners, finding ways to create a beautiful winter event while also keeping the safety of your guests as a top priority is essential to any event planning checklist. From transportation to event rentals, it’s important to make sure that everything is up to code.

One thing to make sure of when considering winter party ideas is your lighting and AV equipment. Especially if you’re going the outdoor route, the wires and electricity needed to power your event is definitely something to keep in mind. In our inventory, all of our lighting equipment is 100% wireless, which means that you don’t have to worry about sparks, wires, or outlets when planning your event! Especially for Salt Lake City, quality rentals are important for both indoor and outdoor events all year long, as we experience the extremes of each season.

Here are some of our favorite Utah event rentals for the winter season!


Our Edison Bulb collection is a great way to create a warm and inviting space at your next event. These are one of our most popular event rentals in Utah, especially for all of our winter events in Park City and mountain ski resorts! With a warm, industrial flare, they’re a fun way to brighten up any dark winter day.


Our Fire Pit and Vintage Skis are both fun ways to incorporate props into your winter holiday party theme! Our Fire Pit produces an actual flame, which is always a nice touch for an entrance to a ski lodge or tent and these cross-country skis are an authentic vintage item that is always a crowd pleaser!

Located outside of the beehive state? We’re not just here for Utah event rentals, we ship anywhere in the continental United States. Click here to view our inventory of professional event rentals for every occasion!  

Thinking Outside The Box

Especially for winter events in Park City and the surrounding areas, event planners based in Utah have the perfect winter backdrop at their disposal for holiday and winter parties. Brainstorming for winter holiday party themes is never tricky when a Winter Wonderland is practically at your door! This ease of access, however, is both a blessing and a curse. When Utah event planners want to go above and beyond for their winter events, it can be difficult to themes and locations.

It can be tiring for Utah event planners to continue to produce the same set of holiday events each year. Finding new ways to incorporate the holiday season and weather elements is always a good way for event designers to refresh their portfolio and create an exciting new experience for clients and attendees.

Find out more about what our event planners have to say about refreshing your winter holiday party themes!

In The Event™ | Utah Event Planners

Make The Most Of It

Any Utah event planner will tell you about how difficult the winter season can be for the events industry. From finding reliable transportation to striking on cold nights, it can be tricky for events staff to stay warm and motivated throughout the winter season in Utah. It pays to take the time to foster your creativity and connect, network, and brainstorm with colleagues and friends. Work with your team to produce events that are really worth getting excited about. Thinking outside of the box for winter holiday party themes, venues, and activities can always help to remedy the winter blues!

Planning your own winter event in Utah? Whether you’re headed up to Park City or want to celebrate the chilly season in downtown Salt Lake City, we’re here for all of your winter event needs. Contact us today for tips, advice, and quality rentals for any occasion from your favorite Utah event planners!

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