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How Professional Event Planners Celebrate World Environment Day

June 5, 2017

To celebrate World Environment Day, we thought we would talk about all of the green initiatives we have here at In The Event™! From wireless, rechargeable technology to the move towards rental event decor and equipment, we strive to make every aspect of our process as environmentally friendly as we can. Read on for more details about how we’re going green and what our event planners have to say about keeping your next event on Mother Nature’s good side.

Recharge, Recycle


The development of event technology is on the rise and our team is always making sure that In The Event™ | Eco-Friendly Eventswe’re ahead of the curve. Providing clients with innovative event technology and equipment has been a priority since day one and we’re continually looking for new ways to incorporate event tech into our rental inventory. The best part of a rental house that prioritizes being on top of their tech game? You’re getting event equipment that’s guaranteed to be more efficient, requires less energy, and, in the case of a significant portion of our inventory, is completely wireless. Not only will you save on venue power costs, but you’ll be able to walk away from your event knowing that you had a great time while reducing your footprint.


Pro tip: Wireless lighting isn’t only environmentally friendly, it’s the best way to impress at your next event. Read more here


Renting: It’s The New StyleIn The Event™ | Eco-Friendly Events

Not only is it a current trend for companies and private clients to rent their event equipment, renting equipment is riding the tide of environmental consciousness that’s permeating so many business practices in all industries. By supporting rental houses, our clients can promote a responsible way of hosting great events. Not only do you still get access to a wide array of event decor and furniture, you can come back again and again without having to clear out storage space in your warehouse for the 200 chairs you needed for the last holiday party. Reusing and recycling event decor and equipment will also push back against the mass market of cheap, fast-paced designs. Renting gives you quality event equipment that’s well maintained by seasoned professionals and steers your event away from the temporary, plastic solutions that can do real harm when they end up in the landfills after everyone goes home.


Pro tip: Get literal. Read more about Pantone’s color of the year, ‘Greenery’ at this link


From the Pros: Hosting A Green Event

Our event planners have seen it all when it comes to promoting an environmentally friendly approach to event solutions. Here are some of their favorite tips for planning your next green event!

“There are really so many ways you can ‘go green’ at events. One of my favorite ways is to consider your catering menu! There are plenty of caterers out there who offer services like farm-to-table, locally grown produce for your guests. This option isn’t just fun for guests, but is a great way to bring attention to local farms, and alternative food options that guests can go home and implement in their own homes!” –Rachel
“Having spent time as a floral designer, I’ve seen the hundreds of flowers that go to waste after a large event that used real floral centerpieces. Our favorite ‘green’ solution is to create non-floral centerpieces! This works particularly well for themed events. If you’re in love with the idea of having natural, real floral centerpieces, don’t toss them after the event! Try taking them to a local nursing home, or sending them home with guests to be enjoyed well after the event.” –Derek

“When it comes to finding room in the budget for being eco-friendly, I like thinking about the long term. Won’t guests remember if you invested in a few, quality things that went above and beyond instead of a bunch of plastic and paper items that just get thrown away in the end? If an event is meant to be an experience, prioritizing that over material things will always lead you in the right direction!”  –Mari

Want to make sure your next event is eco-friendly? Our professional event planners have plenty of experience bringing the ‘green’ to your next party or corporate event! Call us today or head to our online rental inventory to start building your custom quote! 

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