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Pantone’s Color of the Year And Your Next Event

December 16, 2016

Pantone released their official Color of the Year 2017, and we’re already looking forward to using it in our upcoming events. We sat down with our Senior Designer, Derek Anderson, to find out what he thought about the reveal, and to learn more about how event designers use color in their layouts!

Pantone’s new Color of the Year is Greenery! What do you think? In The Event™ | Color of the Year

“Green is one of my favorite colors to incorporate into an event color palette.  It is so versatile and pairs well with pretty much every color! Green is also primary branding color so we are kind of partial to it! For us, green represents sustainability and nature, which is something we strive for in our events and as a company.”

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When you first saw the color of the year, what event for 2017 were you most looking forward to planning? 

“I was excited to use it for upcoming spring events the most.  I know that’s probably very predictable and cliché, but after a long, cold winter there is nothing like the the bright, cheery colors of spring.  And what better color for spring than this green, mixing it in with bright yellows, oranges, purples, and pinks. I am also excited to use it in the fall/winter for holiday events.  Greenery will mix great with the bright warm ambers and oranges of fall and bring a modern pop to the traditional red and green holiday colors.”

What is some advice you have for people who want to incorporate this color of the year into their events? 

“Don’t overdo it. Think of using it as a napkin as opposed to a full linen or runner, or mix it into the centerpiece using a variety of foliage. If you have , accent the sofas with a colored pillow for a pop of green without it being too much.”   

When presented with a color scheme or palette from a client, how do you go about implementing it into the design? What are your first steps? 

In The Event™ | Color of the Year“My first step is to look at the overall goal.  What are they trying to accomplish with their event? What is the tone or message they are trying to convey?  After this has been established, I move on to the overall design.  What are going to be the key design elements in the whole look? (i.e. stage design, table linens, centerpieces, graphics) I look at these as the foundation to the overall look of the event, and use them as the staple pieces to tie in the colors that the client wants.”

How important is color in designing an event? 

“Color is key.  It can set the entire tone and mood for the event. You can’t have red and orange hues if you are trying to design a ice/winter style event. It just won’t look or feel right. Colors can affect an individual’s mood and appetites in a variety of different ways, so it’s always important to consider color in tandem with the goal of the event.”

Are you looking to incorporate the new Color of the Year into your next event, but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got everything you need. From linen rentals to professional designers, In The Event™ can help you take your next production to the next level. Start here with our go-to , or to get in touch with one of our planners! 

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