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Why Go Wireless At Your Next Event

January 16, 2017

In The Event™’s wireless LED lighting was our first and favorite claim to fame. In the world of modern events, it has become more important than ever, and not just because it looks beautiful in any event space. If you’re still wondering whether wireless is the right fit for your next event, here are four of our favorite things about wireless lighting to convince you.




In The Event™ | Wireless Lighting at EventsSafety should always be your top priority when planning any type of event. If not for venue-imposed restrictions, you should always keep an eye out for potential safety hazards at your events. With wireless lighting, you can set your mind at ease. No guests tripping over wires, exposed plugs, or blown circuits. There is so much else to think about during an event, don’t let simple lighting issues get in your way of hosting an amazing experience your guests aren’t likely to forget.


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Freedom of Design


Event design is an artform, so don’t let the distance from an outlet hinder your creative spirit! Having wireless lighting as part of your event decor will always allow for more freedom to design your event exactly how you envisioned it. Lighting is especially tricky at events, as you always want to make sure you’ve got that perfect angle. With wireless options, you are free to highlight what you want, where you want, without worrying about outlets and cords in your event space.


Cost Effective


Looking to lower your cost for your next event? Wireless lighting is the perfect solution for any event budget. As mentioned before, being limited by outlet placement isn’t just taxing on your event design, but also on your labor costs. Instead of an easy setup, your event staff will have to put in the extra time and effort to accommodate all of those wires. You might also avoid high energy costs at your venue. Using rechargeable batteries instead of the venue’s power will give you more space in your budget for that extra dessert on the catering menu.


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In The Event™ | Wireless Lighting

Going green at your next event has never been so easy. With wireless LED lighting, not only are you investing in equipment that is saving you from a large electric bill, you’re also avoiding negative impacts on the environment. With our rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy your next event knowing that you’ve done your part in keeping energy costs down, and old batteries out of the landfill.


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