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Modern Event Decor: Transform Your Space

August 21, 2013

At In The Event™ we pride ourselves on our ability to transform any space into something special. The US Speedskating organization had a full day of meetings in the very room we were to use for the awards dinner. We had a two hour timeframe to create what the client hoped would be a monochromatic color scheme. We made it very posh and modern with intense textures. We also hinted at the upcoming Olympics since this was the last meeting in Utah before the athletes headed to Sochi.

The time crunch was no trouble for our efficient and professional team. Our modular furniture proved itself helpful in its multiple configurations and incredibly quick construction. We had to completely transform the meeting room in an extremely short time, but were able to do this by draping the room in floor to ceiling white drape. It acted as a screen for the LED lights to instantly change the color scheme of the room.

We showcased mannequins dressed in the US Speedskating suits, which the client loved. Beaded curtains gave the mannequins a backdrop and added a frosty ice feel. The stage was made up of our rental LED dance floor to make the focal point easy to find. American and US Speedskating flags hung proudly behind the podium.

All said and done the guests were in awe that this was the same room they had been in all day. The transformation this space went through for this event was quick, spectacular and created a great awards ceremony and dinner


LED Dance floor turned into a stage, complete with branded podium and flags.

Chrome Mannequin with Speedskating suit

Chrome mannequin rocking the US speed skating suit.

Transform your space

Awards dinner under way. White draped walls, monochromatic floral arrangements, and some flat screens mounted on the walls.

Floral Centerpiece 1

Close-up of the floral arrangement: white roses, orchids and calla lilies placed in a mirrored vase.

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