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Rent an LED Dance Floor for Your Party or Event

June 27, 2013

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Why rent a LED dance floor?

In The Event™ likes to keep guests dancing on nothing but the best high-end LED dance floors. Made up of 2’x2’ squares, the floor can be configured and customized to any shape. Complying with ADA standards, no railing or step is needed to get on this 8” high floor.

LED Dance Floor

The event lighting keeps the floor glowing and guests dancing all night. Clients and industry partners often call upon In The Event™ to take their event to the next level with this dance floor. Its ability to be customized to any size lets us use it for any event. Recently we made a Sweet 16 that was made special by keeping the kids’ active and dancing. From hotel ballrooms, outdoor lawn parties, personal residences, to warehouses and conference halls, this floor brings the party.

Light Up The Night With LED Panels

rent led dance floor

Whether you’re hosting a private party, corporate event, or product display, we’ve yet to see an event that could do without one of our custom LED modules. With 2’ x 2’ acrylic panels, our LED panels have been put to the test with everything from late night dance parties to exotic supercars. Whatever the space, our event planners can build your dance floor to fit your venue and we can always alter light colors and patterns to fit right in with your theme!

From hotel ballrooms to outdoor concerts, our LED dance floors have made quite the splash both here in Utah and throughout the United States. The sky is the limit for our team when it comes to incorporating a dance floor at your event. We’ve even installed a custom, permanent dance floor for a private residence!

Create Custom Dance Floors, Stages, Stairs, and more

dance floor rental

Ready to build your own? Our LED Modular Panels can be customized to create any sized dance floor and can be lit with a variety of different colors and patterns. Our graphic designers can also adhere custom graphics to the acrylic panels for event signage, company logos, or some extra flare! The best part of our dance floor? It’s 100% wireless. You can put your wireless LED dance floor anywhere you’d like without worrying about the nearest plug, guests tripping on wires, or safety issues. It’s clean shape and design was intended to give guests the experience of a glowing dance floor without the hassle of wires and safety concerns.


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