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Disco Fever

May 6, 2013

Some say that LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, but shouldn’t it stand for ‘Let Everyone Dance’? Disco was in the air in the Hotel Monaco Paris Ballroom, and, as planned, everyone danced the night away on our LED dance floor. Stayin’ alive was no struggle for the guests of this birthday party as the DJ spun tasty jams all night long.

LED dance floor



The mood was set and the disco played while our  LED lights changed with the music. The centerpiece was made with various sized disco balls, and was lit with an LED light box.. The client had provided childhood snapshots of the birthday boy growing up in the 70’s, which we scattered around to add a personal touch.


Fully costumed disco dancers brought guests from their dinner and drinks into the second part of the evening. Through a shimmering curtain was a party space waiting to be danced in. The LED dance floor saw many dance moves that night. Onlookers could relax on our clean white leather sofas or mingle on LED hi-boys. We tied the whole event together with 7 feet tall shimmer chandeliers flanking the bar, a bold feature that matched the theme and the shimmering curtains perfectly. We loved planning this event, and hope everyone had a blast!


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