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How to Choose Event Rental Staging and Flooring

December 31, 2019

When it comes to event rental staging and flooring, you have plenty of options – which is a definite advantage, as you can find products that perfectly meet your needs.

That said, the wide range of choices can make coming to a decision a bit difficult. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and need help choosing the right staging and flooring to rent for your event, consider the following.

Event Location

Are you planning an indoor or outdoor gathering? The location matters, as uneven terrain – like a grassy lawn or sandy beach — can be an issue with certain types of event rental staging and flooring. That said, if you choose a relatively flat area outside, you will have a great number of choices.

Potential for Precipitation

If your guests will be gathering inside, precipitation won’t affect your staging and flooring decision. For an outdoor event, however, you need to plan for the possibility of rainy weather. To that end, you’ll want to choose stable, water-resistant products to reduce the risk of someone slipping and falling. And to keep the space from becoming a muddy mess if it rains, you’ll need flooring for the walkways and the entire event area – and don’t forget to rent tents to keep your guests dry.

Entertainment Necessities

Do you need a stage for guest speakers or a runway for a fashion show? Is there going to be dancing at your gathering? The entertainment you’re planning can help you decide on staging and flooring, as different activities have different requirements. Also, think about guest comfort as you browse your event rental options – if your invitees will be spending a lot of time standing, you may want to rent ergonomic flooring to prevent fatigue.

Finding Your Ideal Event Rental Staging and Flooring

As we mentioned, many types of event rental flooring and staging are available. Here at In the Event, our options include:

  • Marley vinyl flooring, which is a popular choice for stage decks and dance floors
  • Roll-out carpets for elegant entryways and fashion show runways
  • Stage decks in a range of sizes and heights for speakers and presentations
  • LED modular floor panels, which can be used for illuminated dance floors, runways, stages and stairs

With In the Event, choosing the right flooring and staging for your gathering is much less of a challenge. We offer free event planning assistance with any event rental from our vast inventory, and our expert team can make sure you rent products that best meet your needs.

A leading full-service event design and production company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, In the Event works with clients across the country. For more information on our services, or to explore our event rental staging and flooring options, contact us today.

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