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Event Rentals to Create Your Perfect Party Experience

June 22, 2019

The right event rentals can take your party to the next level, providing your guests with the perfect experience. But if you’re not familiar with renting event equipment, you may not even know about all of your options.

Working with a full-service company – like In the Event – is best, as you can find everything you need without having to shop around with different vendors. But for an idea of what types of equipment you can rent for your party, read on.

Event Furniture

Need dining tables and chairs? Loveseats and coffee tables? A bar and stools? Comfy outdoor seating? You can rent whatever type of furniture you need, and you can choose from a wide range of styles.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Microphones, sound systems, projectors, fog machines, disco balls – event rental companies have every type of audio/visual equipment you can imagine. And when you rent, you can count on having professional quality components.

Themed Décor

Whether you’re planning a holiday celebration, a classy casino party, a western hoedown, a tropical luau or any other type of themed celebration, you can rent the décor you need. By going with event rentals, you can get the exact look you envision.

Wall Décor

The walls of your venue space are easy to ignore, but that’s missing an opportunity. You can rent scenic backdrops, luxurious drapes, beaded curtains or other exceptional wall décor to perfectly enhance the party environment.

Event Lighting

The venue space where you’re holding your party may already have lights, but renting additional lighting can really make your function fabulous. From decorative lighting and chandeliers to intelligent and wireless lighting solutions, event rental companies have it all.

Games & Activities

Want to plan a party no guest will soon forget? Games and interactive activities can make your celebration an absolute blast. Why not install an LED runway or dance floor? Maybe a few carnival games, LED darts or ping pong tables? Or how about curved chalk walls for the guests to write messages? All of these – and many other fun options – are available for rent.

Look for a Local Full-Service Event Rental Company

As we mentioned, choosing a full-service company makes planning the perfect party much easier – and the professional team at In the Event can help you create an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, In the Event has a team of innovative interior designers with decades of expertise in party planning. We have a vast selection of rental event equipment, much more than what we’ve listed above. With our help, your party ideas can go from concept to reality – and you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

For more information on the services we offer at In the Event, or to explore our event rental options, contact us today.


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