Event Rentals Over Buying: Discounts, Connections, Sustainability

September 27, 2022

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on why renting your various event equipment and material needs is typically a much more prudent approach than buying them. Many such materials will only be used once or twice by a given individual or company, and cost efficiency is the key factor here — but it’s also not the only one.

At In The Event, our range of quality event rentals spans from quality furniture options to lighting, dance floors, linens, outdoor tens and numerous other options. Why is going this route typically a much better choice than trying to buy all of your event material needs? Here are a few more major reasons.

Improved Discounts

When you’re buying all of your event materials from individual retailers, you might be able to score some decent discounts in many cases. But when you work with a professional rental company for everything from your chairs and tables to linens and dishware, the potential savings are much greater.

This is because we work with numerous different companies on a regular basis, and have thus developed relationships that allow us to offer our clients much better discounts. In some cases, we’re even able to pass on manufacturer-direct pricing that’s unavailable anywhere else.

Local Connections

Some events may require some pretty unique materials, which can be tough to track down on your own. But when you work with a professional rental company in your local area, we’ll likely have connections that allow us to source just about anything you need for your event.

For example, if you’re planning an outdoor event and need some unusual or hard-to-find furniture items, we can likely track these down for you through our connections in the industry. This is a major advantage that buying everything on your own simply can’t compete with.


Purchasing event materials, especially for large events that require a lot of these items, can have a pretty significant environmental impact — particularly if you only use them once or twice before throwing them away.

Renting materials, on the other hand, is a much more eco-friendly option. This is because the materials in question will be used multiple times over their lifespan, which cuts down on waste and pollution significantly. Plus, many of the items we rent are made from sustainable materials, which furthers reduces your event’s environmental impact.

These are just a few of the many reasons why renting your event materials is such a smart choice in most cases. For more on this, or to learn about any of our other event planning and rentals, speak to the experts at In The Event today.