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Utah Event Rentals Over Buying: Uniformity, Cost Efficiency, Quality

September 2, 2022

If you’re planning any kind of upcoming event, whether personal or corporate in nature, one of the key elements you’re likely thinking about is materials and equipment. And while there might be certain rare instances where purchasing said equipment is the right way to go, there are many more where the preferable route here involves event rentals.

At In The Event, we’re happy to provide the very best event rental services in Utah, from major rental needs like linens and tables to specific themed decor and many other areas. What are some of the key reasons it’s typically much more efficient and effective to fill your event material and equipment needs through rentals than by purchasing everything outright? Here are several across this two-part blog series.

Ensuring Uniform Materials

For many events, standardizing the materials and equipment is key to creating a certain look, feel or atmosphere. And while it might be possible to find similar items for purchase across different retailers, it can be very difficult to guarantee that these items will match up perfectly in terms of color, style and other factors.

When you opt for rentals from a reputable company like In The Event, you can be confident that all of your materials will match up perfectly, providing a much more polished and professional look for your event as a whole. This is particularly important for items like linens, which can be very difficult to find in the same style and color if purchased separately.

Cost Efficiency

Likely the simplest and most straightforward reason to consider event equipment rentals is the cost efficiency when compared to buying everything outright. Sure, you might be able to find a great deal on purchasing some items used, but in many cases, the rental fees will still be lower than the purchase price – and that’s not even taking into account the need to store these items after your event is over.

With rentals, you only have to pay for the items while you’re actually using them, and then you can simply return them once the event is complete. This saves you a significant amount of money both in terms of the rental fees themselves and also in storage costs down the road.

Access to High-Quality Equipment

If you’re planning a major event, it’s likely that you’ll need access to high-quality equipment that might be outside of your normal budget. And while it’s possible to purchase this equipment, you’ll likely only use it once or twice before it sits in storage for years on end.

With rentals, you can get access to top-of-the-line equipment without having to worry about the long-term cost or storage concerns. This is particularly important for items like audio/visual equipment, which can be very expensive but can really make a difference in the overall experience of your event.

For more on why renting event equipment is typically the best way to go, or to learn about any of our event rental services for Utah clients, speak to the experts at In The Event today.

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