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Event Rental Décor – How to Choose Table Linens

January 3, 2020

As you consider your event rental décor needs, don’t forget about your table linens.

Tablecloths and runners do more than protect the tabletops from spills, and napkins aren’t just there for your guests to use during the meal. Linen rentals come in a range of colors, materials and styles, and the products you choose will help establish the mood and atmosphere for your event.

Need help deciding which table linens to rent? Below, our event rental décor specialists share the factors to take into account.

What is the Décor of the Venue?

You’ll want the colors of your linen rentals to harmonize with the décor of your venue, as that will provide you with a more cohesive look. To that end, give thought to the existing elements that you cannot change – like the curtains, flooring and wall color — as you make your event rental selections. For an outdoor event, consider the scenery and the appearance of your tent rentals.

Is the Event Formal or Casual?

Long white or off-white tablecloths that extend almost to the floor signal a more formal event, and you can add a pop of color in your runners and napkins. Table linens in certain fabrics, such as damask, satin or organza, also add a touch of formality to the event décor. If yours is a casual gathering, you can get away with shorter tablecloths and colorful or patterned table linens.

Are You Using Centerpieces?

If you have large, elaborate tabletop centerpieces, you’ll want to choose table linens that won’t draw much attention. Stick with tablecloths, runners and napkins in a single color or shades that coordinate with your centerpieces, adding interest by choosing different fabrics. And if LED lighting is a part of your tabletop centerpieces, consider linen rentals in a shiny fabric to enhance the glow.

Which Table Linens Do You Need?

Whatever type of event you’re planning, if you’re renting tables and chairs, you’ll definitely need tablecloths. Table runners add style and indicate the gathering is a special one, so to our event rental décor specialists, runners are essential. Napkins are a must for obvious reasons, and it’s a good idea to have extras on hand.

You may also want to rent chair covers. A wide array of options is available, from simple chair sashes and ties to full covers with cushions and floor-length skirts. To make a choice, follow the guidelines for choosing the colors, styles and materials of your table linen rentals, as you’ll want your chair covers to coordinate.

Are you ready to look for table linens to rent? With In the Event, a leading event design and production company based in northern Utah and serving clients across the country, choosing the right event rental décor is much less difficult. We offer free professional event planning assistance with any event rental from our extensive inventory, and we’re happy to offer advice and make recommendations on which linens to rent for your gathering.

Browse our table linen rental options online, or contact us to discuss your event rental décor today.

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