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Event Furniture: 4 Pro Tips for Renting Tables & Chairs

September 6, 2019

Renting tables and chairs seems like a pretty straightforward process. Just contact an event furniture rental company – like In the Event – and place an order for the type and quantity you need. Right?

Not quite. Before renting tables and chairs, you need to consider a few practical matters. Here are our best tips for a smooth and easy event furniture rental experience.

No. 1: Know Your Venue’s Rules on Rental Furniture

Some venues have plenty of storage space, and may be flexible about the delivery and pickup of your tables and chairs. Others have limited space and, therefore, stricter guidelines. For example, you might need to have all of your rental furniture out of the venue by midnight to avoid additional charges. Find out ahead of time, so that your event furniture rental company can plan to work around the restrictions.

No. 2: Take Note of Your Venue’s Basic Layout

Will your tables and chairs need to go up a few flight of stairs or fit into an elevator to reach the event space? Or will the walk from the delivery truck be a short and easy one? Your rental furniture company will likely want to know this information, as it affects the amount of time and labor necessary to have everything in place on schedule.

No. 3: Determine Who Will Set Up Your Rental Furniture

The staff at your venue may handle the placement of your tables and chairs, but some don’t offer this service or charge an additional fee for the work. Ask your venue if set up is included, and if not, enlist a few volunteers. Or, choose an event furniture rental company – like In the Event – that will take care of everything from set to strike.

No. 4: Put Someone in Charge of the Rental Furniture

It’s a good idea to have someone you trust at the venue during the delivery and pickup of your rental furniture. That way, all of the items can be counted when they arrive and when they leave, which ensures nothing is accidentally forgotten. If that happens, you may have to pay for a replacement – which might not come cheap. To avoid this, ask your event planner or a trusted friend or relative to take charge.

Are you planning on renting tables and chairs? In the Event, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a leading full-service event design and production company serving clients throughout the country. We offer a vast selection of rental furniture, and if you rent anything from our inventory, our professional event planners will coordinate your entire event at no extra cost.

For more information on our event furniture rentals and the services we offer, or to speak with our team about renting tables and chairs, contact us today.

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