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Décor Ideas to Transform Your Party Tent Rentals

December 6, 2019

Party tent rentals can look a little plain and ordinary — and if you’re hosting a special occasion, you need a visually interesting space.

Fortunately, when you rent tents, you have plenty of options for bringing your personal style and flair to the outdoor party. Here’s what you can do to transform basic party tent rentals into the ideal venue for your celebration.

Tent Sidewall Liners

Fabric liners attached to the sidewalls of your tent rentals can give them a more elegant appearance. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful materials — including sheer organza, embellished lace and sequined mesh – and the liners can match your chosen party color scheme.

Tent Ceiling Swagging

Creating billowy drapes along the inside of the ceiling of your tent rentals adds drama to the party. As with sidewall liners, you have your choice of many different fabrics for swagging. And, you can also use twinkle lights, vines or other props along with the ceiling swags to boost visual interest

Tent Pole Draping

Tent rentals have multiple poles for support, and leaving them bare can detract from the look of the party space. For the poles to blend in with the décor, wrap them in fabric. You can use the same type and color of material for pole draping as you use for the sidewall liners and/or ceiling swags.

Tent Rental Lighting

We already mentioned twinkle lights, and they’re a popular choice for tent décor. But you also have a vast array of other LED lighting options for an outdoor party. You could, for example, use tea lights or pillar candles in lanterns as centerpieces. Or, you might choose to hang crystal chandeliers from the ceilings. And, you can even rent LED birch trees, beaded crystal trees and pre-lit willow branches. Whichever route you take, rental LED lighting can definitely amp up the style of the party space.

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