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Event Planner Tips for Your Next Party Rental in Utah

August 31, 2021

Planning a party can be exciting, but party rentals in Utah can be a bit confusing or even a little overwhelming.

At In the Event, we’re here to make your party planning just a bit easier. If you’re committed to plan the perfect event, our event planners have some ideas that we hope you can use to inspire and create, plus a few pro tips for getting the most from your party rentals.

Think About Your Setting

The first step to planning a great party, before you look into renting anything, is to think about the setting. If you know where the party will take place, then use it for inspiration when thinking of the party details such as what you need to rent.

Where your party will be held informs every decision you make from that point forward, to what type of tent you may need, what type of table or chairs, and even the type of dance floor required.

Use The Color of Linens for Your Theme

Many people rent linens for party planning simply because it’s easier, but it’s also an effortless way to suggest a theme for your party. Choosing the right color can set the tone for the occasion. If you’re not sure where to start, then let the planners at In The Event help you find the perfect linens in the perfect color for your party – and then start the planning from there!

Lighting Sets the Scene

Lighting is another aspect of party planning that can change the whole scene. While many rental party tents can be beautiful on their own, choosing the right lighting for the effect you want is crucial. You may choose lighting that makes the party more elegant or lighting that makes it more festive. There are many options to choose from and In The Event can create custom lighting just for you as well.

Make sure to pay special attention to this detail so you can set the scene you want with the perfect lighting.

Get Interactive!

If you want to plan a party that no one will forget, then you need something special to add to the event. At In The Event, we have interactive accessories that can take your party to the next level. You can find games such as balloon darts or ring toss, LED ping pong tables, photo props, video games and even an oxygen bar!

Whatever you need to make your party unforgettable, our professional event planners can help you to deliver.

Next Steps for Getting the Best Party Rentals in Utah

The process of party rental in Utah with In The Event couldn’t be easier. You simply need to contact us to talk about the vision you have for your party, and we can work with you from start-to-finish to make sure your party shines.

Contact us today to learn more about our Utah party rental options.

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