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5 Fun LED Event Lighting Options for Eye-Catching Party Décor

November 26, 2019

You can use LED event lighting to provide illumination and establish the right mood – and some options double as party decorations.

If you’re planning an important gathering and want unique décor that really pops, working with a full-service event design and production company – like In the Event – is a good idea. Expert assistance makes it easier to achieve a wow-worthy look without going over budget.

Want a bit of party décor inspiration? Here are our favorite fun LED event lighting options.

LED Acrylic Columns

At 40 inches in height and ten inches in width, LED columns attract attention no matter where you place them. The event lighting can glow in soft white for an upscale look or a shade that matches your theme or brand. You can also cycle through several colors to create a party vibe.

LED Rainbow Orbs

Round balls of light, with diameters of 12, 16 or 20 inches, can nest in tabletop centerpieces, hang from the ceiling or even float in a water feature. With sixteen different color options, this event lighting definitely makes for fun party décor.

LED Jellyfish

Color-changing LED jellyfish that are 8 feet in height always draw attention. Suspend several from the ceiling, and the unique event lighting will create an amusing display that your party guests are sure to remember.

LED Faux Flames

Available in two sizes – 5 feet x 3 feet and 3.5 feet by 2 feet – faux flames provide the glowing beauty and sense of movement of a real fire, without the accompanying smoke and heat. In our minds, LED flames are far better than dealing with traditional fireplaces.

LED Birch Trees

For a holiday party, a wedding or an outdoor-themed gathering, LED trees are a great choice. Featuring multiple natural-looking branches with delicate soft white lights and heights of 4 or 6 feet, this lighting option offers whimsical beauty.

Would You Like Free Event Planning Assistance?

With a professional planner, choosing the perfect party décor is a breeze. And an expert can also assist you in making all of the other event design and production decisions. But you don’t have to budget for the services of an experienced planner – you can get free event planning assistance.

How so? When you rent LED event lighting or any other products from In the Event, one of our professional planners will help you out at no additional cost. And since we’ve spent the past decade creating innovative experiences, you can trust our team to make your party memorable.

Based in Salt Lake City, In the Event plans fundraising galas, product launches, business conferences, non-profit functions and social events in Utah and across the country. To explore our vast selection of LED event lighting, or to learn more about our free event planning services, contact us today.

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