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Event Furniture Rentals – A Basic Guide

August 27, 2019

High-quality event furniture rentals can make any occasion an exceptional experience.

Whether you are planning a social party, a business conference, a non-profit gala or any other type of gathering, the way you furnish the space matters. However, deciding on the décor can be a challenge.

Want to make the task a little easier? Check out the following guide to your options for event furniture rentals and our expert tips for furnishing your next event.

Event Furniture Styles

When choosing rental furniture, consider the venue. The furnishings should be in a style that goes well with the look of the space. Fortunately, many companies – including In the Event – offer a range of décor options, including popular styles like:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Retro-inspired

Casual and formal pieces are available, allowing you to showcase the style you prefer while outfitting the space in a way that suits the nature of the gathering.

Event Furniture Types

Companies that provide event rentals offer many types of furniture, designed for different types of occasions.

Dining Furniture

Weddings, banquets, fundraisers and award ceremonies are just a few of the occasions that call for tables and chairs. You can choose from a range of rectangular and round tables in various sizes, then find armed or armless chairs to match.

Bar Furniture

Trendy social gatherings, networking events and business parties often have an informal atmosphere – and at least one bar. Furniture rental companies have bars, bar stools and cocktail tables that are ideal for these types of occasions.

LED Furniture

For a product launch or fundraising gala, LED tables allow you to set up displays that really draw attention. LED furniture is also a smart idea for social events, as light-up bars, couches and chairs can make the design of the party pop.

Lounge Furniture

Recently, furnishing an event with plush couches, loveseats, ottomans and sectionals has grown in popularity. And with the upscale, high-quality furniture rentals on offer, the option can make sense for just about any occasion.

Outdoor Furniture

When planning an occasion in the great outdoors, you need furnishings that stand up to the elements in style. From fire pits and tents to tables, bars and seating, furniture rental companies have everything you need.

Expert Tips on Event Furniture Rentals

Trying to decide which furnishings to rent? Consider these tips:

  • Put yourself in the place of the guests, thinking about both comfort and practicality
  • Match the size and scale of the furnishings to that of the venue space to avoid overcrowding
  • Pay attention to the kitchen and equipment locations when planning to ensure an easy flow and stave off technical issues
  • Check the lighting at the venue, and supplement it with additional lights to set the mood and provide effective illumination

Would you like professional advice on the right furnishings for your next function? In the Event, a full-service event design and production company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers the services of a professional planner free of charge with every event furniture rental.

Whether your next event will be in Utah or across the country, In the Event can make sure it is an extraordinary experience. Browse our website or contact us to explore our vast inventory of event furniture rentals today.

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