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6 Ways to Accessorize Your Next Event | Event Furniture

April 21, 2015

Furniture can easily be overlooked when planning an event. Sometimes we get so caught up in the decorations, invitations, and activities, that finding the perfect piece is often forgotten.

Accessorizing your event with flawless furniture can make all the difference. Complete that high-end fashion theme with a mirrored glass bar or bring some excitement to the party with LED furniture. Whatever you’re organizing, event rentals at In the Event is just what you need. Learn about some of our most popular rentals and how this fun furniture can liven up your party!

Pro Tip: Love these rentals but not sure how to use them in your space? Click here for our free furniture guide! 

In The Event™ | LED Dance Floor1. LED Dance Floor

LED furniture is one of our most popular items because it so easily turns an event from good to great. Our wireless LEDs makes it easy to set up and move around without worrying about tripping on wires.

To really liven up an event, add an LED dance floor to the mix. Provide attendees with a safe, fun space to get their groove on. Even the most timid dancers will be enticed to get on the glowing floor.

In The Event™ | Mirrored Bar2. Mirror Bar

Sometimes taking an event space from drab to fab can be difficult. But an easy way to dress up your space is with sophisticated pieces that transport guests to a cosmopolitan dream.

Our chic mirrored bar adds a level of sleek class to your event space in a way nothing else can. The reflective bar also opens up the space, making a small room feel bigger without breaking the bank. Use the mirror bar at a contemporary fashion show or elegant wedding and you’ll be amazed at how much this simple accessory can dress up the space.

In The Event™ | Lounge Furniture3. Leather Sofa

While bars and stages are more obvious decoration, many event organizers neglect to give guests enough places to sit. Offering comfortable sofas helps attendees relax and creates a great space for conversation to start.

Give your guests what they need without sacrificing style. Our leather sofas come in white, black and brown, so they will fit in perfectly with any event décor. Create a lounge seating area for co-workers to mingle or elevate your VIP section with sophisticated leather furniture. Plus, it’s easy to clean, so let the confetti fly!

In The Event™ | Bar Stools4. Bar Stools

Having a bar at an event is a great way to offer refreshments to guests and engage them in conversation. But bar spaces can easily get over-crowded and people are forced to wander into open areas.

To give attendees a place to congregate after getting drinks, offer a few bar stools to the side of the bar. Keeping people in the same area makes an event feel busier and more connected without congesting the bar. Organize conversation hubs with tall tables and bar stools or keep stools at the end of the bar to let people know that’s where they need to go once they’ve been served.

In The Event™ | Wood Bar5. Wood Bar

For a relaxed, yet refined atmosphere, check out our wood bar rentals. Ranging from warm, light woods to deep, sophisticated oak, our wooden bars add just the right amount of comfort and class to your event.

Create a chic, rustic space with our Sundance Wood Bar, perfect for a company retreat or tasteful VIP event. Or use our Wood Deluxe Bar for a western-themed party to create the perfect saloon for guests to socialize. This simple furniture accessory can easily be the defining piece at your next event.

In The Event™ | Conference Floor6. Modular Displays

Our modular furniture serves a number of purposes. One of our favorite uses is to create displays. Use them for products, photos or snack stations; it’s always a great option for displays because of its variety and flexibility.

Our modular equipment varies from cubes to LED boxes. Some come with shelves or display cases to fit the needs of your event with ease. To really accessorize an event, use our 8-foot tall LED Modular Towers to create an unforgettable entrance or jaw-dropping stage.

Don’t stress over event rentals. In the Event has what you need for any party, conference, or special day, including rentals, decorations and event planning services. Accessorizing your event with the best furniture will help transform the space and give guests an experience they’ll never forget.

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