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LED Furniture Rentals That Are Worth the Price

October 27, 2015

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a bottomless budget for every event you threw?

Unfortunately, “Money is no object,” is not a phrase event coordinators often hear. You’re more likely to hear, “Do it cheap,” or “Stay on budget!”

If those are the constraints you’re under, turn to LED furniture rentals. LED furniture helps you make your event look classy and exciting, while staying within your budget.

But what if you can only spring for one or two LED furniture rentals? Here are the best products to use and why they will add value to your event without adding to your bottom line.

The LED Bar

LED Bar StoolsIt should come as no surprise that adding a bar into the mix makes events more successful. Oprah advises “More is more fun.” And that includes drinks. Not only does an LED bar give your guests more to imbibe, it gives them more to do. Set up bar stools that give attendees a cool place to start chatting.

“If you can’t afford a full bar,” says Elizabeth Allen, an east coast event planner in Manhattan and Boston, “have red and white wines and a novelty cocktail.”

It’s better to skimp on the offerings than the bar all together. And an LED bar makes this simple furniture rental a cool hangout spot at the party, not just another bar.

An LED Couch

LED CouchThis piece of LED furniture won’t work for every event, but it’s perfect for some. Having a seating area of LED couches is the ideal place for guests to congregate at a small office party, a wedding, or a product launch.

Although such an intimate space won’t work as well at a large event (in that case you’ll want to go with the LED bar and bar stools that leave more open space for mingling), an LED couch is a simple way to turn your small movie night into a luxurious private screening, or bring new family together on your wedding day.

Some LED Chairs

LED ChairMaybe your event is somewhere in the middle. Use LED chairs to add more dimension to your event’s lounge area or create a simple lobby at your large-scale conference. The LED furniture will add a level of excitement to your event, without going over budget.

LED chairs can be an affordable addition because the simple, modular furniture pairs well with other basic pieces. Splurge on a few chairs, and then go for a simple metal side table or cushy ottoman. These basic pieces will make the perfect conversation spot on the cheap.

Don’t Forget LED Tables

LED TablesOf course, and LED coffee table makes a great addition to a simple sitting space without overloading your budget. But LED tables are good for more than a place to set one’s drink.

If you have a product or information to display at your event, and LED table will really make it pop. You can spread information out along LED tables or use an LED hi-boy table to really make the product dazzle.

Spending money on furniture that will help you accomplish your event’s goals, such as unveiling a new item or getting attendees to sign up for something, is the best way to make your event a success. You can accomplish this by renting LED furniture that can highlight what people are supposed to pay attention to.


While we would love to give you $1 million to put into the event you’re planning, that’s not really possible. What we can do is offer you some affordable ways to make your event stand out. LED furniture rentals are the best way we’ve found, in our over 25 years of experience, to add value to your event without overspending.

Find LED furniture online with ease on In The Event™’s event rentals page. Or, if you aren’t sold on LED furniture, but still want to find event rentals that fit your budget, we can help. Just give us a call!

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