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7 Essential Event Rentals You Didn’t Know You Needed

December 10, 2015

Throwing an event is easy, right?

That seems to be the common misconception in the event planning world. Many people think event rentals are cheap, venues are plenty, and guest are ready and willing to attend just about anything.

But we know that isn’t the case and we’ve spent years helping those who hold this misconception save their struggling event at the last minute.

We want to make sure your event doesn’t fall into the same boat. To help you do that, we’ve compiled a list of the most common, most essential event rentals that always seem to slip people’s mind.

Don’t fall into the common traps of ill-conceived event planning and make sure your shindig goes off without a hitch using these must-have event rentals.

1. LED Lights

What? You need lights at an event?

Although lighting seems like common sense when you hear it out loud, it’s one of the most often forgotten pieces on event planners’ agendas. They check out their venue during the day and don’t even register that the room will look much different at 8 p.m.

In The Event™ makes it simple to light up your event. Our LED lights are not only clean and modern in design, they come in cordless modular pieces so that no one trips or burns out the fuse box. Forget wasting time at your event crawling on the floor looking for outlets and spend time taking care of much more important details.

If that isn’t enough for you—bonus! They come in an array of colors so you can do anything from simple and elegant white to outrageous technicolor. Regardless of the hue you choose, lighting event rentals is a necessity.

2. Bar Stools

First, let’s talk about the importance of having a bar at an event. Bars, whether stocked with elixirs to wet guests’ whistles or virgin delights, create a communal space where attendees can refresh themselves. Bars add a level of sophistication to any event and give shy guests a crutch as they meet their peers.

While many event planners understand this concept, bar stools are often a forgotten part of the equation. They may not be necessary at every event, but if the bar is your main socializing space, giving guests a place to rest while they converse with attendees is essential. This is an event rental you don’t want to miss.

3. Soft Seating

Also known as lounge seating, these larger, comfortable seating pieces add dimension to an event. Although it may seem like guests can stand and entertain themselves, you’ll find that guests are itching for a place to park it.

Create some separation between your conversation and dance spaces with a sleek soft seating set up or encourage guests to get to know each other in comfortable sections outfitted with a leather couch and chairs.

4. Linens

Sundance Party Dining Room
And yes, this can include more than just table cloths. Linens can include napkins and other fabrics and are perfect for establishing a strong accent color at your event.

Color themes really make an event pop and left unchecked can resort your event to a bland occasion or rainbowed mess. Clearly define your color scheme ahead of time and use linens to bring out the secondary colors that will compliment your main hue.

Plus, these event rentals can be relatively inexpensive, but add an entire level of sophistication to any event.

5. AV Equipment

What is an event without music? Even if guests were giddy enough to fill the silence with enthusiastic chitter chatter, music occupies empty spaces and helps to define the ambiance of your event.

Better yet, with proper audio equipment, you can transform a drab event into a fabulous foray by simply hitting play on a groovy playlist. No event is complete without tunes so make sure you move AV equipment to the top of your event rental list.

6. Display Case

RF 2011 41
Showcase your stuff with a classy display case that really lets it all hang out. Whether you’re hawking wares or showing off your latest product design, a display case can act as the main attraction of your show or side entertainment for wandering guests.

Use an enclosed LED case or hi boy display to really let your goods shine.

7. Coat Check

Winter is upon us so it’s only polite to offer to store your guests’ jackets. Check to see if your venue already has a designated coat check area and if not you can create the perfect space with a few coat racks, drapes and a table.

Keep your next event from being a dud by securing these top event rentals ahead of time. But if you’re already coming up on deadline, the experts at In The Event™ are here to make sure your event gets all of the essentials it needs before your guests get to the door.

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