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Why Your Business Needs Corporate Event Companies

October 1, 2018

As one of the top corporate event companies, our team of event planners have seen what hiring a corporate event production company can do for your next event. From tradeshows to annual holiday parties, hiring a professional team is always the best route if you’re looking for a stress-free, seamless event for you and your attendees. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring an event planner is often a roadblock. Though our team prides itself on providing our event planning services free of charge, the fact remains that going with the pros is often an expense that seems avoidable by taking the DIY route. Today, we’ve asked our event planners for the top three reasons that businesses need corporate event companies.

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1. “It’s not about the money”

“When it comes to corporate events, it’s about the experience for your clients. If that’s your top priority, hiring a professional not only shows them how you view them as a host but can also amplify your message in an effective way. Being professional event planners, we know how to display your brand and message to clients, which is what matters most when hosting an event.”

2. “Branding at events is a different animal.”

“You’ve got professionals managing your marketing and online presence, you should have the same for your events. It’s an entirely new skill to be able to employ a brand at events. Live experiences affect your audience in different ways than someone experiencing your brand from the other side of a screen or advertisement.”

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3. “You’ve got better things to do.”

“You’d be surprised at how many tasks pile up when it comes to planning an event. What seems like a few tables and chairs at the beginning can turn into vendor contracts, catering estimates, on-site coordination and more. There’s a reason it’s a full-time job for our team. If you’re an office manager or marketing director who was put in charge of the next corporate event, the base value of hiring a professional event planner is in letting you do your job. It’s a nice bonus that you also get to enjoy the event from the dining room, and not behind the stage looking for the speaker who showed up 15 min late.”

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If you’re ready to give your guests a great first-impression, brand your events with a breeze, and keep up with your daily tasks, we’re here for you. Our event planners are available 24/7 to put any event emergency to rest. Contact our professional events team today and learn firsthand what corporate event companies can do for your next event! 


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