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6 Unique Wedding Rentals You’ve Been Looking For

March 23, 2015

On your special day, you want to create something beautiful, personal and memorable. But how do you make your wedding unique without breaking the bank? There are a ton of unique wedding rentals with In The Event™ that will make your wedding one for the record books. Here are some of our favorite ideas for an out of the box wedding.

In The Event™ | Unique Wedding RentalsLED Dance Floor

Everyone loves to get their groove on at a wedding, so why not make your dance floor the star of the show. LED dance floors create a fun, unique atmosphere that is sure to even get grandma and grandpa moving. Our LED dance floors are easy to build and break down and come at a great price. Spice up your wedding with a centerpiece they’ll never forget.

In The Event™ | Unique Wedding RentalsVintage Light Bulbs

Vintage weddings are very on trend and give your special day a timeless look. These vintage light bulbs create intimate lighting that sets the mood for the most romantic day of your life. Dim lighting helps people feel comfortable and warm, making it the perfect way to bring two families together for the first time. Use vintage light bulbs to create an enduring starry night, or sparingly over tables to spark conversation.

In The Event™ | Unique Wedding RentalsGlass Hanging Globes

These glass hanging globes can give your wedding a unique, clean look. Although the décor is simple, the globes can be filled with anything from earthy shrubs to vibrant flowers, romantic candles to quirky knick-knacks. Each guest will be blown away by your creative decorating and these globes are affordable on a tight budget.

In The Event™ | Unique Wedding Rentals
Fabric Wrapped Tent

Perfect for outdoor weddings, a fabric wrapped tent is an affordable way to make your wedding stand out from the rest. A carefully chosen cloth can add elegant texture or a pop of color, and easily separates a large space into smaller sections. Use the awning to hang chic decorations or add larger piece of cloth to create shade on a sunny day. Whatever you choose, an elegant tent is sure to inspire awe on guests’ faces.

Non-floral Centerpieces

An easy way to cut down wedding cost is by trading out flowers for non-floral centerpieces. Instead, use a selection of eclectic candles, glass bowls filled with fruit or beads, a vase with paper pinwheels or something personal, like suitcases or books.In The Event™ | Unique Wedding Rentals Enlisting the help of a wedding coordinator or event decorator, like the qualified designers at In The Event™, can help in coming up with a unique centerpiece for your reception that fits your budget.

Wireless Lighting

Cords can be a huge pain when organizing your wedding, not to mention unattractive. Get rid of the hassle with wireless lighting. Set up an engaging backdrop or dance your way into the night without the fear of tripping. Wireless lighting rentals from In The Event™ come in a variety of sizes and can be used in a number of creative ways that will make your wedding one of a kind.

Loving these ideas for wedding rentals? In The Event™ can help you create them for your own wedding! Click here to shop our inventory of unique furniture and decor.

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