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Choosing Your Next Event Theme

December 29, 2016

Whether it’s a wild, western rodeo or a classy casino night, your event theme is one of the most important parts of any production. With over 35+ years of combined experience, our team here at In The Event™ has been planning themed events for as long as we can remember. After all those carnivals and underwater adventures, we’ve learned a thing or two about what to consider when choosing the theme for your next event. Here are some of the top tips and tricks we’d recommend to anyone looking to make their next party a hit!


When choosing a theme, make sure that you consider the goal that you’re working to accomplish with your event. All too often people look to an exciting theme to increase attendee satisfaction, which can overwhelm the actual purpose of the event. For example, if you are planning on investing in an event for employee training, make sure that the theme and activities don’t leave attendees with little more than an awesome goodie bag. Leaving your guests with a positive experience is always a priority, but don’t leave out important objectives.

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Though you should always be careful that you’re fulfilling the purpose of your event, sometimes it’s worth it to go all out with a unique theme to leave your guests with a great impression. Turning your next networking event into a carnival night be just what you need to mix it up and get your attendees engaged and having fun. Being creative with your theme gives you plenty of options to impress at every turn.


This is the most important step in choosing your event theme. Planning an event with the right audience in mind will always lead to increased attendee satisfaction and engagement. Make sure to pick a theme that will do the most for your overall goal. Have an office full of 25 year-old entrepreneurs? Maybe choose a theme with lots of opportunities for unique photo ops for that perfect Snapchat. Working with an older, more professional crew? Try something like a casino night or a classy throwback.


Any budget can produce a fun event if it’s done right. If you’re planning an event with a low budget, choose a theme that can still be well designed with little financial toll. Attempting to host an elegant gala for 500 with a small budget isn’t likely to produce the best results. Making sure that your budget is aligned with the demands of the theme will always result in a great time for everyone.

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Still need help choosing your next event theme? Brainstorm with the pros at In The Event™! From concept to design, we’ve got everything you need to make sure your next party is a hit. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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