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Zyto: Biological Communication

May 13, 2013

We know that the conference experience can tend to be a bit tedious, so we made sure to give ZYTO a stage that would keep the attendees intrigued. Our spandex display pieces provided a completely new look for their event. Designed with Zyto’s logo and graphics, it created a stunning display piece.


Zyto is known as the global leader in bio-communication, a science that allows a user to sense any biological or energetic changes in your body via a computer program. This allows you to see what causes stress in your body and where.


The stage we designed for Zyto was composed with banner stands, an arch wall piece, and a projection piece in the shape of Zyto’s hand cradle. The dual screens allowed attendees to easily view the information no matter where they sat. The spandex display pieces are very effective for traveling and trade shows. Lightweight frames are easily assembled and broken down which saves valuable time in setting and striking an event.


In The Event™ has the ability to customize any spandex display piece with corporate branding and accessories like plasma screens, shelves, and even drawing boards. The possibilities are endless when planning an event that utilizes these customizable displays.

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