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Why Your Business Needs Events

July 19, 2016

Whether you’re a local artisan or a multi-million dollar company, events are worth more than gold for your business. The opportunity for your clients to experience your brand live will always be one of your most powerful marketing tools! Here at In The Event™, we know the value of a well-executed event for a brand, and we do everything in our power to make that valuable time with clients count! Looking for more motivation? Here are four reasons why you should put events on the agenda for your next marketing meeting.

Interaction Events Interaction

A retweet, or a response to a comment on Instagram, though good for your online marketing efforts, will never compare to someone with a smile on their face, standing in front of a client, ready to answer questions! Events provide businesses with the chance to eliminate the middle man and get right down to what matters most: the customer!

Pro tip: Unique event display and decor can help you to keep your event interaction fresh and set you apart as a company that deserves attention.


Make it personal. What better way to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction than a special experience catered to their needs and interests? Clients will always remember when a company goes out of its way to host a fun and engaging event. Make sure your next event is on the forefront of personalization. Look into the many options for event technology that work to make sure each attendee has the opportunity to interact with your brand!

Efficient Targeting

A perfectly targeted audience is the envy of any marketing team. Finely tuned targeting will almost always translate into more leads for your business, as you’ll be able to focus energy where you know it will pay off. What better way to determine who’s the most interested in your brand than the attendee list for your next event? People attending your events aren’t there because it’s the only thing to do on a Saturday night. They’re there  because they like your brand, and have had a positive experience with it! Plus, for those who don’t know you so well, you can make a great impression with custom graphics!

Defeat Marketing Monotony

After scheduling social media posts, responding to emails, and picking up the phone, interaction with your clients can get monotonous. Put the fun back in connecting! Events provide a unique way to accomplish so much more in advertising for your business, while keeping your marketing efforts fresh and your team motivated.


Want to make the most of your events? Leave it to the professionals! In The Event™ specializes in corporate event planning, and has an entire design team dedicated to getting your message across with innovative event branding solutions. 


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