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Why Professional Event Lighting Makes a Major Impact | In the Event

August 2, 2019

Professional event lighting can create the ideal ambiance for any important gathering. Whether you’re planning a corporate party, a fundraising gala, a product launch celebration, a business conference or a social event, the right lighting solution will help ensure it’s a success.

From LED lights to intelligent and wireless lighting, the latest high-tech options have much to offer. Here’s why springing for professional event lighting is a smart way to go,

Set the Mood

With professional lighting, you can take any venue and transform it to establish the right mood for your gathering.

Often, rental facilities provide light through windows and overhead fixtures. By incorporating lighting at eye-level and into the décor – using pillar candles, lanterns, twinkle walls or LED trees, for example – the venue will feel warmer and more welcoming. You can also choose different colors of lights to create the mood you want.

Provide Appropriate Illumination

Professional lighting ensures that your venue space has adequate illumination for the planned activities.

If you plan on having keynote speakers or a panel of experts, you need ample lighting – otherwise, anyone seated near the back of the space may have trouble seeing the honored guests. And besides, you don’t want any of your invitees squinting just to see the people sitting next to them. With the right event lighting, that won’t happen.

Direct Focus

Professional event lighting has the power to put the focus exactly where you need it at your gathering.

Spot lights and LED acrylic columns let a particular area shine brightly, which makes them a natural choice for a product launch or any event designed to showcase a particular item. Professional lighting can also keep guests focused on entertainers and presenters as they move about the space. And, an LED gobo projector can provide a backdrop, projecting a logo or any other image.

Lighting Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Choosing the right event lighting for a gathering can be a challenge. You have numerous options, and each offers a different effect. Plus, what works well in one type of venue may not be ideal for every event space – which means the lights you chose for your last corporate conference, business function, non-profit gala or social event might not be practical for the next.

For expert advice and assistance finding the perfect event lighting solution, call on the professional team at In the Event. As a full-service event design and production company, we create innovative experiences with high-quality lighting. And if you rent any of the lights in our inventor, you’ll gain the services of a professional event planner free of charge.

Based in Salt Lake City, In the Event plans and coordinates corporate gatherings, business conferences, non-profit functions and social events throughout Utah and across the country. To explore our wide variety of rental options, or to discuss professional event lighting for your next gathering, contact us today.

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