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What Have We Been Up To As A Business?

October 22, 2018

As a small business, we’re well versed in the challenge that companies often find in growing and expanding their business and workforce. From the beginning, we’ve experienced growth at such a rapid rate, that it’s been quite the ride to keep up with every part of our business. As part of the celebration of our 11 Year Anniversary, we talked with our co-founders to put together a timeline of some of our favorite business milestones. From buying a new building to our Wyoming expansion, it’s amazing to visualize the distance we’ve come as a team. Stay tuned after our timeline for some of our founder’s best tips on building a business from the ground up!

In 2014, we were recognized as one of Utah’s top growing companies by Google’s Economic Impact Report. In The Event™ was honored to be highlighted by Google for having an annual business growth of 50 percent, after doubling our business in the first three years. We’ve worked hard to maintain that growth and look forward to bringing more business and events to the Utah area and can’t wait to see the experiences we can create with !

We created two new businesses!! We first created Mannequin Rental Co. (Check it out here) We found that finding a professional retailer who supplied mannequins was unnecessarily challenging. As experienced live event producers, we were the go-to source for clients who wanted to bring the best to their trade show store supply or retail displays. From mannequin rentals to display racks and accessories, we wanted to deliver a consistent result to clients, and found ourselves adding the best mannequins we could find to our inventory to guarantee that consistency. After years of searching for the best quality of retail display products, we decided that we break off this piece of our business and really invest and develop our inventory.

Then, just 6 weeks ago, we created Business Jaunt! You can check it out here. We are an independent Destination Management Company based in Alpine, Wyoming. As specialists, we offer great discounts on hundreds of hotels and a whole host of services such as airport transfers, exciting packages, tours, event planning, and great value entertainments. The local knowledge of our offices combined with the muscle of our network enables us to guarantee efficient, high-quality service at competitive prices.

So you see, we have been working hard to create a stress-free environment for all our clients!

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