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Google Economic Impact Report 2014 | In The Event™

May 29, 2015

Despite evidence of gradual recovery from the economic downturn of 2008, small businesses still need to fight each day to continue growing and succeeding.

The web has become an important tool for small businesses; giving them the ability to keep up with the competition without multi-million dollar budgets on hand. Google has stepped up as an important tool, offering more than just a search engine, but a way for businesses to promote and market themselves to their specific audience. Small businesses have benefited greatly from Google, and their 2014 Economic Impact Report proves just that.

Google knows that their tools improve the local and global economy, but skeptics want the data to backup their claims. For the last six years, Google has collected and compiled that data, which shows Google’s local economic impact across the country.

In their report, Google highlights local businesses taking full advantage of the tools Google offers and are using them to bolster their business. In 2014, In The Event™ took the cake for Utah’s fast-growing small business.

In 2014, Google helped to provide more than $131 billion of economic activity for over 1.8 million American businesses and nonprofit organizations, according to the impact report. Here are the stats for Utah alone:

-$1.91 billion of economic activity Google helped provide for Utah businesses, website publishers and nonprofits in 2014.
-26,000 Utah businesses and nonprofits benefited from using Google’s advertising tools, AdWords and AdSense in 2014.
-$918,000 of free advertising was provided to Utah nonprofits through the Google Ad Grants program.

In The Event™ is honored to be highlighted by Google for having an annual business growth of 50 percent, after doubling our business in the first three years. Besides accurately using Google’s tools to grow our business around the country, Google appreciated the unique services that In The Event™ has to offer.

Utilizing Google AdWords and Analytics, we have been able to extend our reach nationwide. We are thrilled to have Google notice our efforts, but we are even more excited to see our audience grow.


In The Event™ | Economic Report 2014

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