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Tips for Optimal Wedding Chair Rentals, Part 1

June 5, 2020

There are so many potential items you might be considering when it comes to wedding rentals, but it’s vital not to gloss over one important area: Chairs and seating. Weddings tend to feature a wide range of guests with varying seating or movement needs, and ensuring you have the proper materials on-hand for every guest is important for keeping everyone comfortable and happy.

At In The Event™, we’re proud to offer a huge variety of event rental products, including a wide range of chair options featuring numerous ideal seating choices for weddings. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over some important factors to consider while looking into chair rentals for your upcoming wedding, from the types available to several basic tips on navigating the rental process and ensuring you’re timely in these efforts.

Ceremony Seating

For starters, you and your spouse will need to begin this process by evaluating the kinds of numbers you expect at your wedding – in more than one area. Many weddings will feature varying numbers between specific parts of the event, either because certain guests are only invited to limited parts or because some guests may leave early.

The first area to consider here is the wedding ceremony itself, where you can generally expect nearly 100% of your confirmed guests to be present. Our general recommendation for ceremonies is to rent enough chairs to match your guest list, plus an extra 5-10% just to ensure families or couples will be able to sit close to each other regardless of how others are positioned.

Cocktail Hour and Reception

On the other end of the spectrum are cocktail hours, which require a bit less in terms of seating accommodations – but should not be forgotten about. You should ensure there’s enough seating around for children, older guests or anyone else with mobility concerns.

For receptions and dinners, however, all guests require a chair. Most weddings will put ceremony chairs to multiple uses here, using them for both the ceremony and the reception to save costs.

Design and Detail Options

There are numerous chair and seating styles available for weddings, from traditional or antique dining chairs to bar stools, padded chairs and several other options. Some couples like to prioritize major funds in other areas and will go for simple folding chairs, while others will go for more extensive options like Versailles chairs or bentwood.

In addition, consider your wedding’s theme and desired aesthetic. Many are able to drive home their primary theme by matching it with their seating format and other event rental furniture.

For more on how to select the ideal chair rentals for your upcoming wedding, or to learn about any of our event rentals or event coordinator services, speak to the staff at In The Event™ today.

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