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Throwing a Party? Here’s a List of Must-Have Utah Party Rentals

June 4, 2021

When planning your next party, consider looking into party rentals as a part of the preliminary planning process. Simply searching “party planning Utah” will return thousands of results – but that won’t help you understand what exactly you need to rent to make your event great.

The event rentals team from In the Event is here to help. We understand that you need a lot of supplies to throw a great party, so we’ve created a basic list to help you get started. Here are a few of the items you should look to rent the next time you’re planning an event.


Chances are, you don’t have a lot of excess linens laying around to cover all the tables at your next event. You probably don’t even have enough to throw a backyard barbeque, which is where renting linens from a Utah party rental company can come in handy.

Party rental linens allow you to choose the color, size and pattern that you want. You can find table covers, napkins and runners in a variety of styles and colors. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about laundering all that linen when you’re finished.

Dishes & Silverware

If you want to add some elegance to your next event, consider renting dishes and silverware instead of opting for disposables.

Not only are tableware rentals better for the environment, but they allow you to have all the place settings you need for the event. You can make it as formal, or informal, as you want and, just like linens, you don’t have to spend hours washing dishes when you’re finished/

Tables & Chairs

Sure, you may be able to piece together a few folding tables and chairs for your next event, but why not consider table and chair party rentals? You’ll get what you really need so that everything matches and looks uniform. Everyone will have a comfortable place to sit, and no one will be left cramming together at tables that aren’t large enough.

Before you even consider the decorations, catering or music for your party, figure out how many tables and chairs you need to fit everyone comfortably, and then rent them!


In Utah, tent rentals for parties are very popular – for several reasons.

Tents and party enclosures allow people to have a party where they choose, and it creates a place where guests can dance, eat, talk and simply be together – which is the reason for having an event in the first place! Plus, if the weather doesn’t cooperate on your chosen day, a tent provides shelter that allows you to weather the storm. Simply put, with a tent rental, the weather won’t ruin your plans.

Renting your party supplies is one of the keys to success in event planning, so don’t forget it’s an option when planning your next fete. Contact In the Event to learn more about our many simple and affordable options for party rentals in Utah.

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