Why You Should Host an Eco-Friendly Event

February 18, 2017

Here at In The Event™, it's a priority for our team that we do what we can to make each event we produce one that has little to no effect on the environment. From our wireless, rechargeable lighting to our large inventory of rentals, our office is committed to having a positive impact on our environment. If you're looking for new ways to create an eco-friendly event, here are a few tips from our friends at Ticketbud!


When it comes to learning how to run an eco-friendly event, Leaving No Trace is the most powerful motto of all. The famous Burning Man festival espouses this creed not just for its event, but as they say on their site, “it’s our ethic about the whole planet. Burners are environmentalists. It’s just our nature”.

Because I think that Burning Man is the epitome of running a sustainable event, I want to talk about some of their practices and how you can use them for your next event. I’ll also preface the tips by saying that it’s not just a chore that has to be done, because it’s not about you, or me, or anyone.

I think we have a great privilege to create and take part in these events, and we should want to make sure that future generations can also enjoy time together. Some environmental practices can even end up saving you money or time too, since that will be something you are also concerned about...

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Original article written by:

Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer

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