Green Events


We are committed to being a green company. We believe that the resources available to us are a scarcity. In our privilege of using what nature has provided us, we are accountable for recycling, reusing, and refurbishing.

At In The Event™, our products are as multifaceted as our designs. As we architect an event we look to use products that are earth friendly and that can be used for more than one purpose. Over 90% of the product we use in every event is recyclable.

Our wireless LED lighting uses less power than standardized lighting, leaving a smaller carbon footprint behind. If In The Event™ does not own a product needed for your event, we strive to rent first, purchase second – keeping consumption of natural resources low and abiding by the mindset to reuse and recycle.

Our efforts may not “save the world” all by themselves, but with increased consciousness and widened awareness – maybe we can all make this place last a little longer for the kids of our kid’s kid’s. Go green with us on your next event!

Green Earth Plant