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3 Reasons You Need To Rent Your Next Event

April 19, 2017

From weddings to trade shows, hosting an event involves a lot of equipment. Tables and chairs, linens, florals; these event rentals all become a part of the event planning process. While some will invest and purchase their own equipment, we’re here to make the case for renting your next event. From minimal environmental impacts to flexibility in design, renting your event decor, table and chairs, or party rentals is always a great bet for pulling off a memorable event!

Cost EffectiveIn The Event™ | Event Rentals

Anyone can tell you that renting your event furniture will often save you space in the budget, but what’s most important about this benefit is that it frees up so much of what would’ve been spent on furniture you’d never use again, and works to invest it back into creating a more memorable experience for event attendees. If you’re paying less for those Chiavari chairs, you’ll find yourself with more to invest in an interactive photo op or an innovative stage design!

Environmentally Friendly

In The Event™ | Utah Event RentalsIf budget isn’t your concern, let saving the planet being your motivation for renting! Moving towards an event rental house will not only bring business to companies who are the best at maintaining great equipment, but will also discourage those who stock cheap, plastic event furniture and decor from over-producing. Plus, if you purchased event decor, those cheap, themed decorations are often doomed to the landfill when you’re finished with your event. When you rent, you won’t just do your part for the planet, you’ll have great looking decor that is durable, professional, and ready to be used again and again!

Professional Equipment 

In The Event™ | Utah Event Rentals

If you’re on a budget and are trying to purchase 100 chairs for your next event, finding quality pieces that are designed to last might be difficult. When you’re renting equipment, your material costs will be less, giving you the budget to really invest in your event rentals. When it comes to companies that supply event rentals, it’s in their best interest to maintain an inventory of solid, durable pieces that will last through multiple events. When you book from these rental houses, you know that what’s showing up at your event will be ready to take center stage without a hitch.

Ready to rent? Head over to our online inventory to view all of our event rentals, or give us a call to start creating your custom quote! 

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