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Blackmagic 4ME 8K Video Switcher

Our king piece, or “Video Beast” as we affectionally call it. There’s nothing this baby can’t handle. Consisting of the Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K Switcher and Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E Advanced Panel. This massive 4 M/E switcher features 40 12G-SDI inputs, 24 12G-SDI aux outputs, 4 DVEs, 16 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers, 4 media players, 4 independent Ultra HD multi viewers, 2 SuperSource processors and even standards conversion on all inputs. Paired with the ATEM 2 M/E Advanced Panel, that allows you to customize, monitor, and switch your live broadcast events with features such as camera switching, executing transitions, fades, DVE effects, and 8 on-air indicators. The panel features two rows of M/E with 20 input buttons per row, two system control LCDs, independent LCDs for custom labeling of every row and button, 20 direct cross points, 40 shifted cross points, two preview transitions, and various DSK transition selectors such as Auto, Cut, and Tie/Preview. Throw in a Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro for primary records and a Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio HD Plus for backup records. Along with 2 1TB SSD cards, patch cables, Up/Down/Cross converters, all housed in a flight case with a battery backup.
Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K Switcher
Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro
Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio HD Plus
SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB Internal SSD
ProX Utility Flight Case
CyberPower Battery Backup
Patch Cable Kit
Blackmagic UpDownCross Converter


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