Winter Outdoor Event Guide

January 5, 2024

While the temperatures definitely get cold during the winter in a place like Utah, they definitely aren’t prohibitive enough to prevent the planning and execution of various outdoor events this time of year. At the same time, a bit of additional research, planning and consideration may be necessary for such events given the temperatures, elements and more.

At In The Event, we’re proud to assist clients around Utah with all their event rental and event planning needs, including various outdoor accessories like party tents and more. Here are some important areas to be considering if you’re planning an outdoor event this winter, plus what to keep in mind within each.

Tent or Other Enclosure Planning

Naturally, one of the first and most important areas to consider for any outdoor event during winter months is the tent or other enclosure. This is what will keep you sheltered from elements like wind, rain or snow, and also allow you to control temperature and other important factors.

  • Size: First and foremost, tent size is important – make sure you have enough room for all your guests and any necessary equipment or amenities.
  • Material: The material of your tent will also play a big role in keeping you warm and dry – some options are better insulated than others, for example.
  • Aesthetics: While often a secondary consideration behind function, you want your tent to look great as well.

Other Guest Warmth Methods

In many cases, a simple tent or enclosure alone won’t quite be enough to keep guests fully warm. Some additional steps you may consider:

  • Space heaters: For smaller events, portable space heaters can be great for adding warmth in a contained area. If you’re going this route, be sure to have proper ventilation and safety protocols in place.
  • Fire pits: For larger events, fire pits can add warmth and ambiance. Just be sure to check local laws and regulations around open flames.
  • Portable bathrooms: This may seem odd, but keep in mind that using the restroom in freezing temperatures can be an unpleasant experience for guests – having a heated portable bathroom available can make a big difference.

Outdoor Entertainment

Another major consideration for any outdoor event is entertainment – this can be tricky during winter months, but there are still plenty of options:

  • Live music: Consider booking a band or musician that specializes in outdoor events and has experience with wintertime shows.
  • Fireworks: A great way to add some excitement and light-up the night sky while keeping guests warm and entertained.
  • Karaoke: If you want to keep things more low-key and interactive, consider setting up a karaoke station or competition.
  • Outdoor games: Simple games like cornhole or giant Jenga can be great for getting guests moving and having fun while staying warm.

In addition to these tips, also remember to stock up on extra blankets, hand warmers and other essential items – it’s always helpful to have a few extra supplies on hand just in case.

Food and Drink Considerations

When it comes to refreshments or meals offered at the event, it’s important to realize that more factors than just the food itself are present. For instance, a hot soup or stew may be a great option for warming up guests, but serving it outdoors in freezing temperatures without any indoor options may not be the best idea. Here are some other areas to consider:

  • Beverage variety: Offer a mix of hot and cold drinks – while cold beer or soda might be refreshing in the summer, warm cider or hot chocolate will likely be more in-demand during winter months.
  • Serving areas: Make sure any food or drink serving stations are properly sheltered from the elements and have necessary heating sources nearby.
  • Indoor options: If possible, consider having an area indoors where guests can warm up if needed – this could be a designated room, tent or even just a few heaters set up in a corner.


When thinking about decorations for an outdoor winter event, it’s important to keep in mind the weather conditions and how they may affect certain materials. For example, paper decorations or delicate lighting may not hold up well in windy or snowy conditions. Consider using sturdier materials like metal or plastic for outdoor decorations, and make sure any electrical components are properly protected from the elements.

Backup or Contingency Planning

And of course, because Mother Nature can be unpredictable and even the most well-planned events can run into issues, it’s always a good idea to have backup or contingency plans in place. This could include having alternative indoor spaces available if necessary, or renting additional heaters or tents just in case the weather is colder than expected.

While planning an outdoor event during winter may require some extra considerations and preparations, don’t let that discourage you! With the right planning and resources, your event can still be a success and provide a unique experience for guests. Contact In The Event today to learn more about our outdoor accessories and other party rental options to help make your winter event in Utah a success.

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