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Trade Show Tips For Success

July 8, 2016

A trade show can be a valuable resource for any company looking for great exposure, brand awareness, and opportunities for face-to-face interaction with your clients. Looking to attend your next trade show with everything you need to make it a success? We’ve had our fair share of well-executed trade shows, and are bringing you everything you need to know about making the most of your booth on the floor!

1. Lighting

Trade Show       Be the light at the end of the tunnel. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a successful trade show booth. Not only can it be customized to represent your brand, but it also serves as a unique touch, helping your booth stand out in a sea of posters and paper. A well-lit, professional space is always a good way to attract clients during your event. 

2. Furniture

      You want as much interaction time with your guests as possible. What better way to encourage people to ‘come and stay a while’ than furniture at your site? Even though trade show spaces are often limited, there is always room for a setup that will keep your guests talking, and keep them engaging with your brand. For one of the trade shows that In The Event™ has produced, we set up a classroom, desks and all, which allowed the presenter to really connect with his audience!

3. Personal Touch

      The best part about trade shows? People are there to learn, not only about your product or services but also about you and your brand! The most successful trade show booths incorporate those unique and personal aspects of your company into their design and presentation. The trick to bringing in those aspects? Being efficient. A trade show is great for brand awareness, but it’s not just you out there. People have places to go, and people to see, so make sure you make an impact! One great way to integrate your brand is with personalized graphics! Here at In The Event™, we offer professionally designed customized graphics and can integrate them with our LED furniture and spandex furniture and decor.

4. InteractionZero Fatalities Trade Show

      So your clients are hovering, and you want to bring them in to interact with your brand. But you’re only one presenter. Make the most of your trade show space with interactive technology. Touch screens, hands-on experience, or other activities will enable your brand to make a personal impact while allowing more time for your presenters and hosts to make a more meaningful connection with those they have the chance to talk to. 

5. People Power

      No amount of awesome technology or beautiful graphics can do what people can in creating that connection between your brand and your clients. A successful trade show helps clients develop that positive and productive relationship with brands they feel are ones they can really get behind. Nothing will better foster this loyalty than good old-fashioned people power. Presenting clients with a friendly and engaging face for their company will do wonders for sending them off more valuable to you than ever.

Trade shows are an ocean of information, and it’s easy for attendees to come and go without remembering a thing. Making sure you’ve got the team and design to catch and retain their attention will always be worth the extra effort. Make it even easier with In The Event™! We pride ourselves in our running list of successful trade show exhibits and are eager to continue making innovative event spaces for amazing companies. Take it from a former client!

“Our company SevenTimesSix used In The Event™ to put together our booth for Salt Lake Comic Con.  The whole show we heard how great looking the booth was and how it looked so much better than any of the other booths.  It stood out so much people were using it as a point of reference for directions or as a meet up point. The people at In The Event™ were great to work with.  They took our needs and created a functional yet visually memorable booth.  They were with us for the whole show.  We would definitely use them again.” —David Marshall


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